Mason Jars……YES PLEASE!!!

Happy 4th of July!  I hope this finds everyone enjoying a fun and safe holiday weekend. In the spirit of the holiday I made this little Mason Jar centerpiece that would be great at any Independence Day Celebration.   I had hoped to post this a couple of days ago…but all did not go smoothly for me on this project.  It took me 3 times to really get it how I wanted.

I am obsessed with Mason Jars, and I just can’t get enough.  I hope their current popularity doesn’t wane any time soon!  I have used them several times for décor including for Easter and at The Hub’s 50th Birthday Party.  I also plan to use them as centerpieces for my next Cheer Banquet….it’s going to be so cute!!  But I digress……back to my current Mason Jar project. (more…)

My “Go-To” Jacket

Since the weather has been feeling more like fall or early spring around here I was able to pull out some different things from the closet.  Up until now it has been pretty much just shorts and tees….but yesterday I grabbed my field jacket.  I kept seeing field jackets all over Pinterest this spring so of course Pinterest made me buy one. (more…)

Running Errands

Yesterday was a cold and rainy day here in my part of the world….I think it only got into the 60’s which is weird for June.  The chill and the rain in the air made it a great day to lay around and watch TV while the dogs were all at the groomers.  Needless to say laying around turned into a nap and before I knew it the dogs were back home and I had not accomplished anything.  I resisted the urge to snuggle with the freshly groomed babies and got myself together so I could go run errands.  That is sort of my Saturday routine…..running errands which I really enjoy doing once I get up and get myself together.  I try to at least put on decent clothes even if I am just running errands….it sort of guarantees that I won’t get spotted by lots of people that I know.  Not that I that I have no fear of ending up in a “People of Walmart” post somewhere online and it is still really comfortable.


Time for a Quickie!!

If the weather clears up a bit today I am hoping to get The Hubs started on our next project….oh how he loves when “we” start a project!  “We” are going to build some banquette seating in our dining room.  I will have all the details later, but in the meantime here is a quick little project I did the other day for my desk at school.  Yes…I know it is summer so I need to quit working on school stuff, but when the “pinspiration” hits I go with it. (more…)

Binder Rack

I have been teaching for 16 years now and I am a “Binder Kind of Gal”…..meaning that I prefer to store my stuff in binders rather than in file cabinets or whatever.  A great deal of my files are on my computer of course, but I really like to be able to pull out the Binder for a unit when I am plannin so I have copies of most everything in those as well.  As such, I have been looking for a way to store “said binders” in a way that allowed for easy access as well as something that would be attractive because… if it isn’t pretty then it’s not going on my desk!  I naturally went to Pinterest for inspiration and found this beauty… (more…)

Well Hello There!!!

Here goes nothing……I have been considering this blog for several months now and I figured that summer vacation was as good a time as any to dive right in.  I will do my best to be fun and informative and I would love your feedback….it can only help me get better at this!!  So with high hopes and a great addiction to Pinterest away we go!