Well I was worried about a plateau and it was even worse this week…..I gained a pound…UGH!!  Oh well, such is life…..I’ll do better next week and maybe I won’t eat a candy bar and a delicious Laura’s Cookie the day before and the day of a weigh-in.  DUH!!  I was a little lazy about tracking my food and found myself trying to do 2 days at a time which is a bad idea.  It is always best to hold myself accountable right when I finish eating or even before I start to eat.  That is really how it is intended to work.  Lesson learned….the program only works when you follow it the way it is set up.

On a happier note, today is National Dog Day….or at least that is what my FB wall is full of today so I thought I would share my sweet loves with all of you.  I know, I know….the only thing worse than someone with 1,000 baby pictures is someone with pictures of their dogs!!!  LOL  But to that I say, I love both babies and dogs so bring on the pics!  🙂

This my sweet old man Scooter.  He will be 13 next month, and he is such a great dog.  We adopted him from a rescue about an hour north of where we live.  His mother was rescued from a puppy mill while she was pregnant with a litter and Scooter was one of that litter.  Happily that was her last litter and she also went to a forever home to be loved.

This lovely girl is my sweet Lucy.  The first picture is the one that got me hooked and captured my heart when I saw it on Facebook….I just knew we had to make the trip to get her.  The second picture was taken when I first met her.  We adopted her from a shelter in Bryson City North Carolina which is about an 8-9 hour drive.  The last pic was taken about 2 weeks ago….is that not just the sweetest face ever???!!!???  She is about 3 years old now.

This handsome boy is my Murphy.  He was another rescue that I found through the gal that does my hair….long story short…..he was out running stray in the dead of winter and someone brought him in so he wouldn’t freeze to death but couldn’t keep him.  Lucky me, because he is such a loving boy.  The first picture was on our first visit to the vet the day after we got him.  The second picture is him chilling on the back of his favorite chair a few months ago.

Enough about Wild Kingdom…LOL.  Tomorrow the long awaited Deco Mesh Wreath Post will be my Throw Back Thursday.  I just finished making it a little while ago….until then…

Have a Great One All!!

Patty  🙂


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