This is a project I have been wanting to complete for a couple of years now.  I have never been happy with the color of the brick on my house.  It was sort of a weird orange color and I just felt like it really dated the house.  I had spent TONS of time on Pinterest looking at other painted brick homes and the more I looked the more I wanted to take the plunge.

Here is where we started….nothing awful but it just felt so old and dated.


I have an entire Board dedicated to painted Brick Exteriors.  Here are some of my Pinsperations:

Link                                            Link                                            Link

I even went as far as doing a little drive by shooting…with my phone of course….of this house that I pass every time I get my hair and nails done.


The Hubs was not thrilled about taking on this project.  He is much more realistic than I am when it comes to estimating the amount of work a project will require.  I figured, what the heck, I have painted the inside of the house more times than I can count.  How much harder could painting the outside really be??  It is probably best that I didn’t know that ahead of time!!

So, early this summer I decided to go for it and I went to Lowes and bought several color samples.  Luckily for me they were on sale buy one get one free which made each one about $2.50…it’s like the Home Improvement Gods were calling to me to do this project!!  LOL  I slathered the paint on the house and posted pics to Facebook to get some opinions….and I got LOTS of them!!

A couple of people thought I was crazy for painting brick….according to some people it is apparently some sort of a home improvement sin.  At this point there was no turning back though since I had already painted so many samples on the brick.  In the end I decided to go with Sherwin Williams Tony Taupe.

The Hubs had a 3 day weekend so that seemed like the perfect time to do this.  I mean…certainly we cold get this done in just a couple of days right??!!??  We spent a very long first day taping off everything and priming.  We were at least smart enough to buy a paint sprayer for the project…thank goodness! I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if we had used a roller….UGH!!    Besides, I have learned that the Hubs is easier to persuade to do a project if there is a new tool in it for him!!  The first day was one of those days that I thought would never end!!  We literally worked for 12 hours…some of it in the dark.  I just really wanted to get all of the prep work done that day so it would have overnight to dry before we started painting.  We used about 6 gallons of primer which ended up being the most expensive part of the project, but money well spent.  The next day was a breeze in comparison because of the great primer!  Here are the results of day #1….


 Not very pretty at this point and a couple of the neighbors were thinking we had lost our minds.  Truth be told….we were sort of feeling the same way.  To say that day #1 was awful would be a HUGE understatement.  The Hubs gets “Husband of the Year” for sticking with me on this project.  He was right of course and it was WAY more time consuming than I had ever imagined.  We would have been smart to set aside an entire week for this one…but we only had the weekend so we pressed on.

Day #2 was SO much better than day #1.  First of all, it only took us about 4 hours to paint, remove all the tape and plastic, and replace all of the downspouts and such.  I know….who would have thought it would have been that much quicker!!??!!  Second, putting paint up is so much more satisfying than taping and priming which made everything we did that day so much better.  We used not quite not quite 5 gallons of paint for the entire house.  Keep in mind we have a fairly small ranch style home, most homes would require more I am sure. We also only did 1 coat of paint.  Originally I had thought we would do 2 but I really liked how the brick looked with just 1 coat so that is all we did.  The Hubs was MORE than happy to stop with just 1 coat!  Here she is all finished…


It was almost like we had a new house.  It just looks so much cleaner and more modern.  Please ignore the ugly chimney thingy on the roof…it has since been repaired and repainted.  Painting the brick was an awful job, but now that it is finished I am soooooo glad we did it!  We LOVE it and we have gotten rave reviews from friends and neighbors.  Even my landscaper commented on how much nicer it looks now!  We spent about $500 on everything.  It would have cost at least $1500 if we would have hired someone to do it.  Hopefully next summer we will be replacing the siding….that will NOT be a DIY project.  Even I have my limits!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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