If the weather clears up a bit today I am hoping to get The Hubs started on our next project….oh how he loves when “we” start a project!  “We” are going to build some banquette seating in our dining room.  I will have all the details later, but in the meantime here is a quick little project I did the other day for my desk at school.  Yes…I know it is summer so I need to quit working on school stuff, but when the “pinspiration” hits I go with it.

I like having a lamp on my desk so I can grade papers and such when we are watching a movie or whatever and sometimes it is just nice during my plan time to turn off all of the other lights in the room and just have my desk lamp on….it’s sort or soothing in a way.  So, at any rate, I decided I needed a new lamp because the one I had was too small and just didn’t provide enough light.  I was wondering around Target, as I am known to do, and came across this baby for about $15 which is a number I could live with.


It was just what I was looking for…..it was bigger than the old one but now too big and it had a pull chain instead of one of those little toggle thingys that so many lamps have…..we were  clearly meant for one another.  Sadly though it was just so plain and boring and as I stated before….if it isn’t pretty it isn’t going on my desk.  Time for some Pinterest intervention to get this gal all gussied up!  At first I thought I might paint some polka dots or something on the shade but had visions of that turning out pretty sloppy as I am not the most patient of people.  One look at Pinterest though and I knew that fabric was the way to go!  Here are a few of my “Pinspirations”…





Time for a trip to Hobby Lobby where I bought 1/2 yard of fabric which was on sale, a spool or ribbon, and a bottle of fabric glue and I was ready to get this party started.

IMG_3165I started by measuring the height and circumference of my shade and then marked a rectangle on my fabric the was 2 inches tall and about 1 inch wider to allow room to roll it over the top and bottom and to fold it over at the end to create a neater edge.  My shade was not tapered so cutting a rectangle worked in my case.  If your shade is angled it is a bit more tricky but still doable.

IMG_3169IMG_3172IMG_3173I cut it out and then went to work.  The glue I bought was just regular glue and in hindsight I think that spray glue might have been easier, but since I had an old sponge brush on hand I used it to smooth out the glue so I would end up with lumps and bumps from the glue.  I just put the glue on the shade, smoothed it out with my brush and then rolled the shade along the fabric to attach it making sure to leave extra fabric at the top and bottom to fold over later.  When I got to the end of the fabric I just folded it over and glued it down.

IMG_3175then I added glue to the inside of the top and bottom of the shade, smoothed it out with my brush and then folded the fabric over to finish the top and bottom.  A couple of places needed to beheld in place until they dried so I used some binder clips for that.

IMG_3176Once she was dry she looked like a million bucks…well maybe not really a million but way more than the $20 I have invested….wouldn’t you agree??

IMG_3179I debated at first about adding the ribbon as trim at the top and the bottom of the shade and figured that since I had it I might as well use it so again I just measured the ribbon, used the same fabric glue to attach it, folded over the end to create a clean edge and attached binder clips as needed until it dried.  Here she is in all her glory….she is going to be a great addition to my desk.   Patty  🙂


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