Hi!  Time for another Throw Back Thursday project….this is from about a year ago when we put laminate flooring down in our entire house.  We had beige carpeting everywhere which had endured too many puppies attempting to be potty trained…..you get the picture….ICK!!


We knew it had to be replaced and we went back and forth between just doing carpet again or switching to laminate.  Hard wood would have been great….but that was NOT in the budget and this wasn’t a job that could be put off until the budget would allow for it.  We shopped around a bit….and by “we” I mean me of course.  At the time Home Depot was having a great deal on installation…$500 for the entire house and like total morons we let that deal pass us by for a better overall price.  NEVER…..I repeat, NEVER pass up a deal on installation.  In fact even if installation isn’t a great deal pay for it anyway!!!!!  You will thank me for that little piece of advice one day!

We finally settled on laminate from Lumber Liquidators and decided that this was a job we could tackle on our own.  It’s easy they said….no big deal they said….lots of people do it they said….it just clicks right together they said.   Well, “They” are big fat liars!!!!  We were so naive…..and by “we” I mean me.  The Hubs, of course, knew just how big of a job this would be.  We decided to tackle it over Memorial Day weekend last year, thinking we would be able to knock most of it out over those 3 days…….Wrong…..so very wrong!!!!


The first day we spent removing the old carpet….not fun and totally gross.  Even under the best circumstances removing carpet is icky.  There is just so much dust and crap trapped under it. Honestly, it sort of grossed me out on carpet forever.  Under the carpert was some really interesting tile that I am sure was original to the house so it was about 40 years old.  Because it was so old we got lucky and it came up really easily…this would be the only break we would get during the entire ordeal.  Once the carpet and tile were all cleaned up we started laying the padding stuff.  Now this was actually easy like “they” had said it would be….the only truth told to us by “them.”


Then it was time to start putting down the flooring.  It was still relatively early in the first day so we thought we would at least get through the living room and dining room that day.  Here is what we actually accomplished…..


The really sad part about this is that we had to take most of this up the next day because of some goofs.  That would become the story of this entire project.  In total, I bet we put down all of the flooring twice by the time we were done.  Needless to say we did not finish this in one weekend as we had hoped.  We only managed to get the living room and dining room done the first weekend.


In fact, this job consumed all of that weekend as well as the next 5 weekends.  Each weekend we took on just one room at a time after that.  We moved the furniture, took up the old flooring and put down the padding stuff the first day and then did the flooring on the second day each weekend.

The final weekend we did our walk-in closet.  When we built our closet installed the built-ins after it was carpeted which meant that they also had to be removed to do the new flooring….as if just removing all of my clothes wasn’t enough work…UGH!!!

Looking back, I am glad with our flooring choice but not so much with our decision to do it ourselves.  If this had just been one room it would have been a manageable project….the entire house was just too much.  I never imagined just how much getting up and down would be involved as well as back and forth outside to cut the pieces and then sometimes to cut them again.  It is not a mentally difficult job but physically we were feeling pretty rough by the time we finally finished.  I really need to learn my limits….sometimes you really should hire a professional.  There are still some trim pieces that need to be finished, but we are happy with the results and with what we paid for the flooring.  I am hopeful that eventually we will actually get all of the trim done but that remains to be seen.

Have you ever bitten off more than you could chew on a DIY project?

Have a Great One!

Patty  🙂


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