The long awaited deco mesh wreath has finally arrived.  You won’t believe just how easy this is to make.  As long as you can cut and twist a pipe cleaner you have the necessary skills.  I first found this on Pinterest of course and decided to make one for my classroom.  Here is my original Pinsperation…..



This gal has a great blog about her classroom and I have “borrowed” a number of her ideas for my own classroom.  As I am looking at this picture right now I am realizing it was even more than I had originally thought……Here is how mine looks in my classroom….


Here is where I found the best tutorial for making a deco mesh wreath.  I am going to do my best to explain how I made one…but if my directions are too confusing check hers out!!



I made mine a few years ago so I didn’t have step by step pictures for the post.  I put out a call on my FB page for someone that wanted one and Pat Edwards was the big winner.  She requested blues and greens.  When I made mine it turned out HUGE so I went with a smaller wreath frame and shorter deco mesh for this one.  It still turned out pretty big though!!

Here is what you need to make 1 wreath….

I used a 16″ wreath frame, 3 rolls of 10″ deco mesh and 1 pack of pipe cleaners which I cut in half.  Everything came from Hobby Lobby.  The deco mesh can be a bit pricey, but it goes on sale for 1/2 about every other week so wait for the sale….it’s worth it!  I think it was $7.99 a roll at regular price.

The first thing you need to do is cut your deco mesh into about 8-12″ lengths.  You can really eyeball this…don’t waste your time measuring each section…..it won’t matter in the end!


The ruler in the picture is just to give you an idea of scale….I DID NOT measure beyond this pic.  #lazycrafter  Then you will want to roll the pieces up….for the most part they do this on their own, but you can roll them a little tighter if you want.  Again this is NOT necessary as it doesn’t seem to impact the final product.

Gather 4-5 pieces together and pinch them in the center.  Then wrap them with a pipe cleaner to hold them together.  Do this with all of them, leaving the ends of the pipe cleaner free so you can use it to attach each bundle to the wreath frame.

Once you have all of your little bundles start attaching them to the frame by wrapping the loose ends from the pipe cleaners around a couple of the wires on the wreath frame.  The frame is broken up into sections by little cross pieces and I put 3-4 bundles in each section.  I started with 3 in each and then went back with the remaining bundles and added them in where it looked like I needed to fill it in a bit more.

That’s all there is to it….really, that’s it!!!  Here is how mine turned out at first…..


I found these cute little floral picks while I was at Hobby Lobby so I picked a few of them up to add for a little extra sparkle….you can NEVER have too much sparkle!!  🙂


To attach them I just used the wire and wrapped it around the frame like I did the pipe cleaners from the deco mesh bundles.  It was a little long so I so I wrapped it couple of times.

Here it is with the extra sparkle…..

For the one I have in my classroom I added some zebra print wired ribbon because that the was theme I used when I decorated there.  I just cut lengths of the ribbon….no I didn’t measure it…..and I wrapped it around a cardboard tube I had to curl it more and then just stuffed one end into the wreath.  The wreath is so full that is holds the ribbon in place all on its own.

People are always so wowed by my wreath and they never believe me that it was super easy to make.  In total it took me 45 minutes last night to make the blue and green one.  I hope this gives you the confidence to make one on your own.  I’ll be delivering the one I made to Pat tomorrow!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂


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