Hi!  Before the Blog I did lots of DIY stuff around the house that was of course inspired by Pinterest.  I thought you might find some of those projects interesting so I will be sharing them in my Throw Back Thursday posts.

Our entryway closet was just an ordinary closet with some awful louvered doors when we bought the house.  I knew I wanted to do something different with it but had no idea what that would be….enter Pinterest!  Here are a few of my Pinsperations for the project…

Link                                     Link Broken                                 Link

The House of Smiths blog is fantastic and full of great ideas and projects….I highly recommend taking a peek at it when you’re done here of course!!  LOL

So here is what I started with….good bones but really dirty and in need of lots of love!

480247_4344827351563_1743416817_n We started by removing the doors and then taking out the shelf and hanging rod as well as the wire you see running down the back corner and the baseboard trim.  That wire was a phone line, but we no longer needed it so we removed it.  Then we wrapped the inside of the closet from floor to ceiling with bead board and painted it with some leftover paint from the living room and added some trim and the white 1 x 12 boards as support for the shelves and hooks that would come later.  We also trimmed out the inside edge where the door once was to give it a more finished look.

602877_4344828111582_722668397_nThe bench is one that I bought from either Target or Lowes…it has been a while so I don’t remember for sure.  Then we added the upper shelves with the decorative brackets for more support.  We also added a few small shelving units of the side, some pillows and other cute stuff to pull it all together and here she is now…..what a difference!!!



I did have to find a new place to store the vacuum cleaner and out of season coats, but that was all worth it for what we have now.  It gives us a place to drop our stuff when we get home and a place to sit and put on our shoes….not to mention it just looks so much better!!  I have been having second thoughts about my decision to not put in a built-in bench so you might be seeing that project soon….especially since The Hubs is doing such a great job with the built-in benches for the banquette in our dining room.

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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