The weather was perfect on Sunday for running errands in my little car with the top down….not too warm, not too cold, and no chance of rain!!  I LOVE days like that and it makes running errands so much more pleasant.  I think I drove around all day with a goofy smile on my face just because it was such a great day.

I decided to wear a pair of my Wit and Wisdom jeans as always and I added this super comfy cardigan from Nordstrom with an Old Navy T-Shirt and a pair of black riding boots from Old Navy online.  The cardigan is a little longer in the back which helps cover my booty a bit.  It is also a really light fabric which makes it another great transitional piece from summer to fall.  This winter I will likely add a turtleneck under it.  My sweater is black and white striped and it looks like they are out of that color combo, but some other colors are available for 45% off right now…..GREAT DEAL ALERT!!!  The t-shirt from Old Navy is on sale right now as well for only $5….what!!!???!!!  The necklace is from Stitch Fix and one of my favorite pieces.  I accidentally hooked it on the dogs’ cage a few weeks ago and broke it, but The Hubs saved the day and was able to fix it for me….I love that man!!

| Jeans | Sweater | T-Shirt | Boots |

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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