My latest Stitch Fix arrived last week.  It is just shear joy when I get home and find that box on my porch…it’s like Christmas every other month!  Initially I thought this might be the Fix where I actually kept everything.  I could feel that 25% discount in my hot little hands, but in all honesty it turned out that it wasn’t my favorite.  Emily still picked out some great stuff for me though.  I have to say I was disappointed that there wasn’t any jewelry in this Fix, but I am guessing the scarf was the accessory piece in place of jewelry and I love the scarf so it’s okay.  Speaking of the scarf…..

Look by M

Sammie Plaid Infinity Scarf

I LOVE this scarf….let’s be honest….I am not sure I have ever met a scarf I didn’t love!    The colors scream Fall and I am sure I will get tons of use out of it and for $34 it was a price I could live with.  It is suppose to be chilly again this week for Friday Night Football so it might be making its debut then.  Needless to say….this was a KEEP.


Catarina Knit Top

This was a great little top right out of the box.  It is a fun stripe which I love and had a flattering v-neck.  However, once I put it on I realized that the neckline it WAY too low for me to ever wear it to school which greatly reduces its usefulness.  At $44 I just could not justify a t-shirt that I would not be able to wear very often.  That is a little too high for a t-shirt in my book anyway…this was a RETURN.


Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse

Again…I loved this right out of the box.  The shape of the top, the flow of the fabric, the beautiful rich green color were all wins.  It was a little pricey though at $58.  However, once again this was a shirt with no stretch and it was just way too tight across my chest.  I didn’t take pics wearing it because they would have been bad….really bad!  Trust me on this one.  So while I love this blouse in theory…..this was a RETURN.

Market & Spruce

Liz Textured Sweater

This one I also loved right out of the box….see I told you I thought this Fix was going to be the ONE.  Fortunately….I loved this one even more when I put it on!  It hangs a little longer in the back than in the front which is always a plus for booty coverage and it is super soft.  It is hard to tell from the picture but the body of the sweater has thin denim blue thread running under the main stitches.  It is going to be too cute with a chambray shirt and some boots.  I am also thinking the scarf from this Fix will be great with it.  While this was no bargain at $68, I think that it is versatile enough that it will be more than worth the price with the amount of use it will get.  This was a no brainer….KEEP!


Judson Utility Jacket

I love a utility jacket…but I already have one.  Mine is getting a bit big, so I tried to talk myself into keeping this one.  The fit was great and I loved the style, but at $78 I simply couldn’t justify keeping it.  I can always replace mine with a smaller size from Old Navy for half the price…this was a RETURN.

Well….another fun Stitch Fix is in the books.  I spent a total of $102 on the scarf and the sweater…no bargain but great quality pieces that I will wear a lot!!  If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet I highly recommend it.  There is a link on my webpage that will take you right to them!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂



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