Hi!  The Hubs and I went to a Dayton Dragon’s game the other night and then caught the city’s fireworks afterwards.  The Dragons are our local minor league baseball team.  All around it was a great date night, even though our team lost! 🙁 This is the outfit I went with and, believe it or not, it all came from Sam’s Club except for the flip flops….those are from Target.

 IMG_3206#Ineedatan   #mylegsmatchmyshorts

As some point between buying paper products and canned goods in bulk I discovered that there some really cute things at Sam’s and they are quite affordable!  People are always so surprised when they compliment something I am wearing and I tell them it is from Sam’s.  Believe it or not the store has more to offer than cases of potato chips and new tires.  (Not that there is anything wrong with cases of potato chips!)  I have had lots of luck there.  In fact you will likely see these shorts in other colors in future posts as I also have a tendency to buy multiples.  You know….you find something you like so you buy it in more than one color….story of my life.  I figure if you know it fits and it’s comfortable, why not especially when it is something that is hard to fit like shorts on my thighs!!!  The shorts and the top were just purchased recently and I got the cardigan last fall.  The flip flops are also from this season at Target.  I guess the lesson here is that you can get great trendy clothes at more places than just the mall!  Keep an open mind and you might be surprised what you find on the cheap.

The Hubs us still working hard on the banquette project….pics later this week….I promise!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂


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