Yesterday was a cold and rainy day here in my part of the world….I think it only got into the 60’s which is weird for June.  The chill and the rain in the air made it a great day to lay around and watch TV while the dogs were all at the groomers.  Needless to say laying around turned into a nap and before I knew it the dogs were back home and I had not accomplished anything.  I resisted the urge to snuggle with the freshly groomed babies and got myself together so I could go run errands.  That is sort of my Saturday routine…..running errands which I really enjoy doing once I get up and get myself together.  I try to at least put on decent clothes even if I am just running errands….it sort of guarantees that I won’t get spotted by lots of people that I know.  Not that I that I have no fear of ending up in a “People of Walmart” post somewhere online and it is still really comfortable.


(Note to self……it is time to get the shoes picked up in the closet..)

I got these jeans several months ago from Torrid. I find that their jeans are super comfy and the fit is amazing which is saying a lot coming from a gal with some hips and thighs!! The link is here:  Jeans

The cardigan is from Talbots and it is one of their Charming Cardigans which I love.  They wear well and don’t seem to get pilled up under the arms like many cheaper ones do.  I noticed that they are also on sale right now…I think I just heard the shopping angels sing….. so I will have to snatch up a couple of new colors!!  I only ever buy these on sale as I am just too cheap to pay over $60 for a cardigan.  Here is the Cardigan.

The t-shirt is a Perfect Tee from Old Navy.  It is starting to show signs of wear so it might be time to replace this baby. T-Shirt

The Vans are one of my favorite pairs of shoes for running around.  I mean seriously…..who doesn’t love a red shoe??!!  I am sure there are those that might argue that I am a bit too old to be wearing Vans, but to them I say age is just a number and I still love Vans!!!  Vans  (Mine are the Jester Red color)

I almost forgot to include my Pinsperation for this outfit…I went with Vans instead of Converse because I feel like they make me look like I have “Clown Feet.”


So what are your thoughts on errands?  Do you care what you are wearing when you go?  Do you like running errands or is it just a hassle?  Patty  🙂


My sweet Lucy still looking pretty with her bows from the groomer yesterday!








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