Labor Day weekend always gets me in the mood for fall….even thought it has been like 1,000 degrees here all weekend.  Nonetheless, I always start my fall decorating on this weekend each year.  Lately I have been so inspired by all of the stacked pumpkin topiaries I have seen on Pinterest and the vases filled with pumpkins.  Here are just a few of my Pinsperations…


One | Two | Three

Four | Five | Six


Are these not all just too adorable and fun??!!??  Well, needless to say all this pumpkin stacking got my wheels turning and I realized I finally had a use for this piece I bought for the back porch a couple of years ago.  I found it at Home Goods and thought it would add a nice architectural touch to the porch as well as add some height next to some of my shorter planters.  I honestly have no idea what its “real” purpose was intended to be…maybe a candle holder or a trellis for a climbing potted plant…..now it is a pumpkin topiary!! 🙂

I just flipped the top part over an filled it with 8 pie pumpkins I found at Meijers late yesterday evening and then had The Hubs help me put the base on it and flip it right side up.  Seriously…it was a 2 minute project and I just love the results!  The mums are from the High School Cross Country Team’s annual mum sale.  I just dumped the summer flowers out of my urns….they were looking pretty sad anyway….and plopped these pots right in the urns.  Another 2 minute project!  The mums were only $6 each and the 8 pie pumpkins were $2 each so for about $22 I have a nice little fall display on the back porch.  I just love fall!!


Have a Great One All!!

Patty  🙂

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