Hi!  I have spent the last 2 days watching my high school cheerleaders run a cheer camp for the pee wee cheerleaders in our community.  This is always one of those times when I am reminded why I coach cheer….seeing my cheerios work with those little girls that look up to them is such a fun experience.  I don’t think my high school girls have any idea how much impact they have on these little girls…it is very cool and they make me so proud!!

I shocked my cheerios the other day when I showed up for an early morning practice dressed and everything.  I am generally in sweats and a t-shirt, often that I slept in, and haven’t even showered yet.  I had some running around to do that day though so I had to get it together.  I was in search of a sideboard thingy that I can refinish for the space between my dining room and living room.  I found a couple that I really like but I am holding out to see if the price goes down.  With any luck this will be a project that I finish before the end of the summer.  Once summer is over, cheer season will be in full swing and there won’t be much of anything getting done!!

Back to the outfit….I found this Pinsperation for navy and peach several months ago and have spent what seems like forever searching for the perfect peach cardigan.  I really loved the color combination and it was something a little different for me.  I am always looking for new ways to mix things up a bit.


Finding  the perfect shade of peach cardigan proved to be more difficult that I would have thought.  I bought a couple of different ones online only to return them because they were either too pink or too orange.  Lucky for me I found a Charming Cardigan in peach at the Talbot’s website a couple of weeks ago and it was on sale.   It was like it was meant to be, so with my fingers crossed I ordered it (and a couple of others too….a good sale is not to be wasted).  I was over the moon when it arrived….my search was finally over.  Here is how I put it all together the other day.


I went with a navy and white polka dot top that is LC Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s, a new pair of Wit and Wisdom Jeans that are on sale at Nordstrom, and my super comfy Old Navy flip flops.  It was comfortable but pulled together enough for being out and about without fear of being spotted by anyone.   Peach and navy is a color combo I will go to again and again….it’s fun and different.  What new color combinations have you tried lately?

Top (Similar)

Jeans (Exact)

Flip Flops (Similar)

Cardigan (Exact)

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂


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