Hi!  I played Mah Jongg with the girls the other day.  I am trying to soak up every last minute of vacation.  The women I play with are mostly retired teachers so they get to play all year long.  They are gracious enough to include me though when I am on vacations.  Getting together  meant that I could not sport the “homeless” look I have been rocking a good part of the summer so I pulled out my Old Navy Shorts again and added this cute lace front top I also get there.  The shorts came with a cuff but I unrolled them because I didn’t like where they were hitting my thighs.

The top is a bit wide at the bottom so I opted for a front tuck.  The Hubs thought is looked weird…what are your thoughts?  I also added a fun tassel necklace from Glamour Farms.  I don’t see this one at their website anymore but they have lots of others that are similar and also cute.  I liked this one because it was something I could carry over into fall and winter.  A lot of the tassel necklaces I have seen are super fun bright colors but they seem pretty summery to me.

If you live in Ohio get out there and knock out some Back-To-School shopping this weekend to take advantage of the Sales Tax Holiday!!  Every little bit helps!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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