I LOVE me a monogram. It just looks so preppy and pulled together….what’s not to love??  I found this sweatshirt, although it is more like a sweater, at MarleyLilly.com.


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If you ever need ANYTHING with a monogram that is the place to go.  They have everything you have ever dreamed of with a monogram ( I mean, who doesn’t dream about monogrammed clothing) and then a few other things as well.  I first found them when they showed up on my Facebook feed and I have made several purchases from them.  Their prices are fair…not cheap….and their service is pretty fast for custom monograms.  I added my lace extender tank again from Jane.Com, my Wit and Wisdom Jeans, and my brown riding boots.  Here is how I pulled it all together…

Although it is not in our school colors, it was a great choice for a chilly evening at a soccer game….which our boys won of course!!  *\O/*

What are your thoughts on all things monogrammed?

Have a Great One!!

Patty  🙂

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