Happy 4th of July!  I hope this finds everyone enjoying a fun and safe holiday weekend. In the spirit of the holiday I made this little Mason Jar centerpiece that would be great at any Independence Day Celebration.   I had hoped to post this a couple of days ago…but all did not go smoothly for me on this project.  It took me 3 times to really get it how I wanted.

I am obsessed with Mason Jars, and I just can’t get enough.  I hope their current popularity doesn’t wane any time soon!  I have used them several times for décor including for Easter and at The Hub’s 50th Birthday Party.  I also plan to use them as centerpieces for my next Cheer Banquet….it’s going to be so cute!!  But I digress……back to my current Mason Jar project.

I found tons of Pinsperations….here are just a few.  I seriously LOVE the one painted like a baseball.  Wheels are turning about the possibility of making a football or a basketball during those cheer seasons.  *\O/*

 Link                                             Link                                                    Link

Most of the sites said to use craft paint, but being a fan of the ease of spray paint I went with it instead……BIG mistake!!  I threw away a few jars before I finally got it to work to my satisfaction.  Given a chance to do it over I would definitely go with craft paint…it’s really easy to work with as well.  In all honesty, I was just trying to avoid washing paint brushes.  #lazycrafter

I sprayed all of my jars with 2 coats of white spray paint.  Once they dried I used painter’s tape to create stripes on 2 of the jars.  The other jar needed stars so I had planned to just use stickers and then pick them off after the paint dried…..sadly they were a pain in the neck to try to remove.  I found that if I put the stickers on painter’s tape and then cut out the star shape from the tape and put that on the jar it came off MUCH easier!  After I taped them up, I painted the striped jars with 2 coats of red and the jar with the stars with 2 coats of blue.  It is important to make sure the white paint has about 24 hours to set before you put tape on it or the paint will peel off of the jar…..spoken from experience…ugh!  When they are dry peel off the tape and rough up the paint a bit with sandpaper if you like and voila…….you have a holiday centerpiece that will get your guests talking!!  I also added a little twine at the top to jazz them up a little more.  You can use them to hold flatware, flowers, mini flags, tea lights, etc……SO many possibilities.  Here is how mine turned out…not too shabby if I might say so myself….and I might!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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