I have been seeing tons of adorable Halloween Pillows all over the place.  I really wanted some for the back porch, but I was not willing to pay $25-$35 a piece for them.  I mean look at these….are they not the cutest!!!???!!!

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Another Blog that I follow inspired a great idea.  Enter Hobby Lobby and a sale!!


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I went to Hobby Lobby looking for the pillow cover pictured above.  They are normally $9.99, but go on sale for 50% off from time to time or you can use your 40% off coupon and buy them one at a time….that’s what I did.  I already had the stencils for the lettering and I picked up the fall stencil on sale as well.  I decided that since my pillows were going to be outside that I should use fabric paint just to be on the safe side.  I was afraid that acrylic paint might run if it got wet.  I am glad I went with the fabric paint.  We have had some near Biblical rain here the last couple of days and my pillows have been just fine!  Anyway…here is what I did…

I started by measuring up from the bottom of the pillow about 6 inches and then used painter’s tape to make a line to keep my letters level.  I put several layers of old newspaper inside the pillow covers to keep the paint from bleeding through.  Then I just started from the center of the pillow and stenciled my way to the edges to make sure it was centered.  Once it dried I removed the tape.  I was going to just go with the words at first.  I liked the simplicity of it.  Sadly….I am not know for my patience or coordination and while in the process of painting I managed to drop my brush on my pillow…UGH!!  I tried to clean it up with no luck.


The only easy fix I could think of was to pull out those fall stencils I had bought anyway and put them to work….


Not exactly what I was looking for….but still cute none the less.  Here is the set of 3 all finished with some inexpensive pillow forms from Ikea.


Lucy likes them too…

IMG_3903Have a Great One All!!

Patty  🙂

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