I have not weighed in for 2 weeks.  I have been awful about tracking what I eat as well….Yikes!!!  I promise to do better this week and to have some weigh-in results next Wednesday!!

I am back with my olive green field jacket again.  This time I paired it with a floral tank from Old Navy, my Wit and Wisdom Jeans (of course), and my wedge booties from last winter.  I have been seeing them everywhere again this year….yahoo!!  I would have worn them again this year either way though because I totally love them.  I also have them in taupe, and I am sure you will be seeing lots of them all winter.

This is a great choice for the summer to fall transition.  The jacket is enough if there is a fall chill in the air, but with the tank underneath it is still light enough for warmer temperatures.  You could even take the jacket off if it got too warm.

The tank from Old Navy is SOOOOOOOOOO long that I had to tuck it in and then I bloused it out to help hide some of my tummy….or at least I like to think that works.  I cuffed my jeans twice so that they hit just at the top of the booties.  I have seen conflicting stories on how you should wear skinny jeans with booties.  Some say to tuck them in, others say to roll them to the top of the boot, while a few out there even suggest that you can pull your jeans down over the top of your boots.  I guess the real rule should be to do whatever makes you happy.  I mean seriously….in the whole scheme of life it doesn’t really matter how you wear your jeans with your booties…..if you feel cute then that is all that matters!!

| Jacket | Tank | Jeans | Booties |

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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