So I took stock of my wardrobe,the basics, and the fall trends I have come up with my shopping list for fall.  Here is what I am looking for and this weekend is the perfect time to do some shopping….the Labor Day sales are amazing!!


White Button Down: I have one but it is showing signs of its age so it is time to replace it.


Navy Gingham:  I have been wanting this one from J Crew for a while and their Factory Store has everything on sale for 50% off this weekend….consider this one checked off of my list!!


Red Cardigan:  Not really a Fall-Must-Have but I realized mine has a hole in it so time for a new one.


White and Black T-Shirts:  I don’t much on these so I replace them a couple of times a year.

Shearling Vest:  This isn’t something I will be able to wear a lot so it has to be inexpensive.  I bought the one from Target, but I also love the one from Glamour Farms.

Puffer Vest:  I discovered this Chevron Puffer Vest last year when it was too late to get one and I still love it so I still want one this year.  I would also like to pick up a solid navy puffer as well.


Flared Jeans:  This one is going to take some serious shopping because I am so short, but I am determined to find a pair.  This is one of those things that I know I can’t buy online….I am going to have to go into the store and try them on for sure!

Colored Denim: I am hoping to find a pair of tan skinny jeans and maybe a burgundy pair…gotta love fall colors!


Black Skinny Jeans:  These will get lots of wear so I an justify spending a bit more on these.


Accessories & Shoes:

Plaid Blanket Scarf:  These just scream fall…..must find a cute one!


Gold Earrings:  I have been wearing more gold and I need some cute dangly earrings to go with some of the necklaces I have picked up over the last couple of months.


Fringed Boots:  I love this pair from Glamour Farms, but I really don’t want to spend this much on them…..the hunt continues.

macrame-fringe-bootie_khaki_110_2_of_2_large (2)

Burgundy Ballet Flats:  This Pinsperation is what got these on the list.


This pair from Target might be just the right look and price.


Cap Toe Flats:  I loved this pair from Tory Burch…


but my budget liked this pair from Target.




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