The weather here this week has been glorious….highs in the 70’s and had made me start thinking about fall and taking stock of my wardrobe.  There are lots of great trends this season which I will focus on in another post, but it is the wardrobe basics that are necessary to have as a foundation for the trends.  This got me thinking about what the “essential” pieces to have when building a wardrobe really are.  It didn’t take long to find lots of fall wardrobe essential lists on Pinterest.  Here are some I liked the best….

Link                                                 Link                                          Link

So…after lots of research here is my list of “must haves” for fall.


T-Shirts:  Black, White and Gray

Button Downs:  White, Chambray, Gingham and Plaid

Sweaters:  Neutral Cardigan, Chunky Cable Knit and a Long Sweater or Sweater Coat

Striped Shirt

Jackets:  Field Jacket, Denim Jacket, Puffer Vest and a Black or Navy Blazer

Dresses:  Black Shift Dress or Maxi Dress


Jeans:  Black Skinnies, Dark Wash Skinnies, Boyfriend Jeans, Dark Wash Straight Legs

Pants:  Khakis, Black of Navy Skinny Pants

Trousers:  Black and either Navy or Gray

Skirts:  Black Pencil


Black Flats


Leopard Print Flats or Pumps

Black Pumps

Riding Boots


I realize that seems like a pretty hefty list, but I bet you already have lots of these pieces in your closet.  I also want to point out that this list doesn’t include much pattern or color….that’s why it is my list of basics.  With this as a foundation you can add the latest trends in color and pattern to these pieces and you will have a very current look without breaking the bank shopping for a closet full of just the newest trends each season.

If you are going to invest in a piece it should be one of these basics because they are not going out of style anytime soon and you will get lots of wear out of them over many years.  In the long run your cost per wear for these items will be quite low whereas really trendy pieces don’t get as much wear so the cost per wear is much higher.  Let’s say you buy a nice pair of black trousers for $100 and you wear them once a week for an entire year your cost per wear is less than $2.  This is super versatile piece so you can wear it with so many different things that you can wear it more often without feeling like you are wearing the same thing week in and week out.  However, if you buy a pair of pants in a very trendy style or pattern for $50 and you only wear them 10 times your cost per wear is $5.  You spent less on the item but because of the trendy nature they are not as versatile so in the long run they are more expensive.

I attached links to each of the items above.  Many of them are links to less expensive options.  There are some items that I always go a bit cheaper on because I know I will wear them out like t-shirts.  If my t-shirts last 6 months I have more than gotten my money out of them.  Beyond that point they start to get pilled up and stretched out anyway so why spend lots of money on them!!  Some of the other links are to pricier options, especially those that should last many years.

I hope you found this helpful and it inspires you to take stock of your own wardrobe….I bet you have lots more than you think!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂



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