This fall fashion seems to be all about the 70’s.  The 70’s have had an influence including lots of Fringe, Tie Tops, Long Sweater Coats, Shearling Vests and Jackets and Flared Jeans.  There also seems to be a Bohemian influence as well.  The runway fashions always tend to be a bit too far out for everyday life, but there are lots of ways to incorporate the trends in a more relatable way.  Needless to say, the fall trends are looking pretty fun but might not be for everyone.

Fringe can be found everywhere on just about everything from boots to purses.  I am not feeling the fringe purse trend myself, but I am considering some cute fringe booties.  I also purchased the fringe scarf pictured during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this summer and the fringe necklace from Glamour Farms in the process of putting this post together….SHHHHHH don’t tell my husband!! #insertwinkyface

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Shearling accents seem to be very popular too this fall.  Real shearling is wicked expensive, but faux shearling is right up my alley.  I found a super cute vest at Target for only $35, but I couldn’t find it on the website.  I’ll share it with you when the weather cools off here again.  Shearling, real or faux, and the upper 80’s are not a match made in heaven!!

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Sometimes….sadly…the trends can go to far.  This is one of those times when the runway didn’t translate into everyday living.  I think I just figured out what happened to all of the Fraggles from Fraggle Rock…..#insertsadface



Flared jeans and pants are HUGE this season.  I think they are fantastic, but as a short girl with some serious thighs I am conflicted.  I think it will be next to impossible to find a pair that fits properly because they are meant to be worn with a heal anyway so they run long…remember my Stitch Fix review??!!??  At any rate, here are a few pairs I think are cute…for those of you with actual legs…LOL

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The tie neck blouse is a super girly trend this fall. It’s a nice feminine break from all the denim and shearling.  How can you not feel pretty in one of these tops?

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The last fall trend I am covering here is the sweater coat and I am in love with this one!  Anything that is warm and cozy and helps cover my bootie is a win in my book.  My only caution is that if you are on the shorter side like I am, you have to be careful not to go too long or it can overwhelm your frame.

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What trends are you feeling this season?

Have a Great One All!!

Patty  🙂



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