My timing for this delivery was not very good because I also received my Stitch Fix delivery just a few days before this one.  Although I only kept 1 thing from my Fix I knew I didn’t want to spend much on this one since it was so soon after my Fix.  Luckily….it wasn’t hard deciding what to keep and what to send back.  I am adjusting my delivery schedules for both subscriptions to every other month on alternating months for now.  Here is what my stylist sent me this time…..

J-Mode:  Peppered Knit Top with Split Back Detail  1X   $63

I was not a fan of this one right out of the box and that didn’t change once I tried it on.  The front is okay, but the back is certainly not doing me any favors….not cute!!

Verdict:  Returned

Junarose:  Knit Sweater with Shark Bite Hem  1X  $69

This one was also not speaking to me out of the box and it was even worse than I had expected when I put it on.  It is clearly too big, but the hem line is also really unflattering me.  I am not sure if you can see from the pics, but there is some angled stitching at the bottom on the front of the sweater that is also doing something kind of weird.  It is almost like it is pointing to my girly parts of something….not a good look.

Verdict:  Return

Junarose:  Slim Jeans  14W  $109

I really wanted to love these jeans because I have been looking for a pair of gray denim.  The price was a bit scary so I knew they would have to be perfect for me to consider keeping them….sadly that was not the case.  It is hard to tell from the pictures but they are really long on me.  I made sure to remind my stylist that I need petite lengths in jeans from now on.  They were a little snug initially but they had a lot of stretch so I am sure they would have been fine and they were soooooo comfy.  They also had a sequin detail along the pockets on the front…..I could take or leave that detail to be honest.  However, because of the fit and the price they simply could not stay.  If these had been a petite length I probably would have kept them.

Verdict:  Return

KIYONNA:  Drawstring Cardigan  1X  $58

I loved this one right out of the box….the style, the color, the details!  I also liked it when I put it on….until I saw it from the back…Yikes!!!  I feel like it makes my backside look exponentially bigger and I certainly don’t need any help that looking bigger than it already is!!

Verdict:  Return

Checkered Scarf  $34

Yikes…could I have more chins in this picture??!!??  I love a blanket scarf and although I really don’t need another scarf I really liked the checkered print of this one and I didn’t want to lose my styling fee.  Because it is so neutral I am sure I will be able to gets lots of use from it.  I requested jewelry next time as an accessory instead of a scarf….fingers crossed for something fun!

So…how did I do?  Did I keep the right thing?  Would you have kept something else if you were me?  Maybe for one of these I will let all of you choose what I keep and what I return…that might be fun!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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