You already know I am a fan of Stitch Fix but at times I have had trouble with fit.  I found Dia & Co. on Pinterest and it is the same idea as Stitch Fix but they specialize in larger sizes so I thought I would give them a try.  Most everything I wear is in standard sizes, but on occasion I can also wear smaller sizes in some plus size fits.  When I first signed up the initial process was much shorter than Stitch Fix.  That might seem like a good thing, but Stitch Fix was really thorough so they get a clear picture of what your style is.  I was a little nervous about my Dia & Co box because they didn’t ask very many questions about my style.  They did include a place for me to add my website though so my stylist was able to go see what I wear and I think that helped a lot.  She even mentioned a couple of things that she saw me wearing that would be good with some of the things she sent.  So….here is what she sent….Modamix:  Faux Leather Lace Cut Skirt  Size 16 W  $84

My stylist Margaret admitted that she was taking a risk sending me this A-line lace cut skirt.  I wanted to like it for that very reason but once I put it on I knew I would never wear it and for the price it really had to be something I would get some use out of in order keep it.


Verdict:  Returned

Urban:  Cone Necklace  $22

The price alone made this piece a total winner.   Beyond that though I really thought it was something so different from anything I already have that I should keep it.  I love the interesting shape and the gold tone of the chain.


Verdict:  Kept

Junarose:  Slouchy Oversized Sweater  Size 0X  $48.99

This top was certainly right up my style alley.  It is soft and comfy and would be great with both jeans and leggings.  I didn’t love the color though for this time of year and it was just too big.

Verdict:  Returned

Junarose:  Lace Detailed Top  Size 0X  $58.98

I wanted to like this top…I really liked the idea of it but the peter Pan style collar just wasn’t for me.  it was also a little snug across my chest so that was another issue.  It would have been so cute and comfy with leggings and riding boots or with some skinny jeans. But the combination of the fit, the price and that darn collar I just couldn’t do it.


Verdict:  Returned

Jessica Simpson:  Skinny Jeggings  Size 16W  $69

Fit was great, quality was great and the color was great!  However, what my stylist didn;t know is that I had just bought a new pair of skinny jeggings from Glamour Farms during their 10 Days of Christmas sale.  They are almost exactly the same and the pair from Glamour Farms were such a good deal at less than $30 that keeping them seemed silly.


Verdict:  Returned

So…overall I was pretty happy with the results even though I sent everything back except for the necklace.  I will definitely give them another try and see how it goes.  I mean all I have to lose is the $20 styling fee in the event I don’t keep anything and maybe Margaret will send me something great that I wouldn’t have tried on my own.  That is the fun of these subscription styling services after all!!  If it goes well I might start alternating each month between Stitch Fix and Dia & Co….getting both each month is a bit too pricey!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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  1. Have you try the one where you rent the clothes? Seems like such a good idea then you can have something new to love every month and never get tired have an outfit. You’re way more adventurous than I am having tried both stitch fix and Diana and company already. Hoping you might be the guinea pig to try the rental version:-)

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