I painted this old teacher desk several years ago with white milk paint.  It has held up well but while looking around on Pinterest I saw this desk and decided that I needed to add some color to my own desk.  Could you not just die over the cuteness of this pink desk???!!!???


So here are some pics of my desk both before and after I first painted it.

It turned out well enough and I was perfectly happy with it until I saw the pink one and I just HAD to add to a little life to my boring white desk.  My office has coffee colored walls and I have added pops of green throughout the room so green was the only logical choice for my desk.  Of course the Pinsperation desk is more of an open table in the center of the room and my desk is more closed and pushed up against the wall.  I wasn’t sure I wanted my entire desk to be green…would it just be too much green or not??  Instead I decided that I would just add color to the top and that’s when I thought that stenciling it might be cool.  This of course meant a trip to Hobby Lobby for a stencil and then Lowe’s for some paint.  I found the stencil for $16.99 and used my 40% coupon so it was only $10.19.  I also bought a can of stencil adhesive for $5.99.  The paint I purchased was a sample size from Lowe’s.  It is part of the Sherwin Williams HGTV line that they now carry and it is called Parisian Green.  Sample paint is only available in an eggshell finish, but they are only $5 for almost 2 pints of paint so as long as you can live with the finish it is a pretty good deal.  I knew I was going to put a protective topcoat on mine so I wasn’t worried about the sheen of the paint in the least.



I had some primer on hand in the garage from another project so I started with that just to be sure the paint would stick well.  Once it dried I moved on to the stenciling.  I HIGHLY recommend that you look up helpful hints to painting with a stencil BEFORE you begin…just sayin’!  Needless to say I did not and mine did not turn out as clean as I had originally hoped it would.  Note to self….roll the roller on some newspaper to remove any excess paint before you go to the stencil.  Faced with the options of starting over or embracing the imperfections…I naturally decided to embrace the imperfections and go for a more “rustic” finish.  Rustic…that’s the fancy way of saying I meant for it to look a little sloppy.  Here it is during and after I finished stenciling.


IMG_3387It looks a lot neater in the pictures than it did in real life….trust me….it needed some work.

Like I said…I decided to embrace the rustic turn this project was taking so after it had dried overnight I used some sandpaper to rough it up a little more.  This also helped to camouflage where I had accidentally put my fingers in the wet paint.  Here it is after the sanding.


Then I applied 2 coats of the topcoat.  I also bought the topcoat at Lowe’s and it was the most expensive part of the project at $17.97.  I probably should have bought the really small can, but for whatever reason I didn’t.


Here she is all finished.  I am waiting until tomorrow to put everything back on it just to be sure it is really dry.  No point in making it even more “rustic” now!!



So what do you think?  It doesn’t have the same impact as the pink desk, but I think it turned out really fun.  It was certainly worth it for less than $35.00.   Maybe the sassy desk will make me more creative…..we’ll have to wait and see.

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂


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