I had a slate “Welcome” sign on my house that we took down when we painted the brick.  It didn’t really match everything else anymore so it was time to replace it.  Pinterest has just been FULL of chalkboards for quite some time so I knew that was the direction I wanted to go.  Here are a few of my Pinsperations…


Link                                             Link                                            Link

There are so many great ideas on Pinterest, so of course I have a board dedicated to chalkboards.

The first step was trying to find a pretty frame at a reasonable price.  I went to my local St. Vincent’s thrift store and found this baby for $9.00.


Not a steal….but cheap enough.  I know it is hard to imagine that this “beauty” could be improved upon but I went for it anyway.  LOL  I started by removing the “priceless” and rather creepy cherub print and then I just gave the frame about 3 coats of white spray paint.  In between coats I applied chalkboard paint to a scrap piece of plywood.  I think I ended up with 3 or 4 coats.  Once it was dry I also colored the entire chalkboard with the side of a piece of chalk and then erased it before I started with my stencil as that is what is recommended on the bottle of chalkboard paint.


Looking better already.  Then I found what I wanted to put on the chalkboard and printed it from online…..Oh heck…I hope I didn’t violate any copyright thingys….Oops!  Sorry if I did!!  It wasn’t the right size so I visited my good friends at Staples who blew it up for me.  I sort of wish that I would have gone a bit bigger….but oh well.

At home, I colored the entire back of the page with white chalk to create a transfer.  Then I positioned it on my chalkboard with the right side facing up, put a couple of pieces of tape on it to hold it in place and traced all of it.  The chalk on the back of the paper transferred the design to the chalkboard.  Then I just traced over that with a chalk pencil and a chalk marker.  Both are very forgiving as they can be erased with water if you goof….which of course I did many times!

Then I just put the plywood into the frame and had The Hubs hang it by the door.  My door is protected with an overhang from the roof so the sign stays dry for the most part.  If yours was going to get wet you would probably want to use actual paint so it wouldn’t wash off in the rain.  So far mine is holding up quite well and if it does get wet and start to come off I can just do it again.  I have also thought of doing different designs for the holidays and such…we’ll see.  There are several cute ideas pinned on my Pinterest Board.  Once cheer season starts I don’t seem to have time for much of anything so changing it for the seasons might not happen.

Here she is now…all finished…



I like it so much better than the old slate and it looks more modern than the slate did.  I had the slate up for about 15 years so it was time for something new.  Gotta love an easy DIY project that adds some curb appeal on the cheap.  My only expense here was the frame and the copy at Staples as everything else was stuff I had on hand.  All in all it was less than $10.00.

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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