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Weigh-In Wednesday Weeks #4 and #5


I totally forgot to post my weigh-in results last week, but they were really great!!!  After gaining 1 pound the week before I am happy to say that I lost 4 pounds last week…that makes a total of 11 pounds so far….Yahoo!!!  That also meant that I had lost enough to reward myself with a pedicure….thank goodness!  I was about to start wearing boots again just to hide my crazy feet!!  LOL

This week I didn’t lose anything, but I also didn’t gain anything which seems like a win in my book since after a big loss I don’t typically have a great week and because I was awful at tracking what I ate this week.  It is really not a difficult thing to do, but I often let life get in the way of doing things sometimes.  My goal for this week is to track everything that I eat…seems simple enough, but we shall see.

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

Weigh-In Wednesday and National Dog Day


Well I was worried about a plateau and it was even worse this week…..I gained a pound…UGH!!  Oh well, such is life…..I’ll do better next week and maybe I won’t eat a candy bar and a delicious Laura’s Cookie the day before and the day of a weigh-in.  DUH!!  I was a little lazy about tracking my food and found myself trying to do 2 days at a time which is a bad idea.  It is always best to hold myself accountable right when I finish eating or even before I start to eat.  That is really how it is intended to work.  Lesson learned….the program only works when you follow it the way it is set up.

On a happier note, today is National Dog Day….or at least that is what my FB wall is full of today so I thought I would share my sweet loves with all of you.  I know, I know….the only thing worse than someone with 1,000 baby pictures is someone with pictures of their dogs!!!  LOL  But to that I say, I love both babies and dogs so bring on the pics!  🙂

This my sweet old man Scooter.  He will be 13 next month, and he is such a great dog.  We adopted him from a rescue about an hour north of where we live.  His mother was rescued from a puppy mill while she was pregnant with a litter and Scooter was one of that litter.  Happily that was her last litter and she also went to a forever home to be loved.

This lovely girl is my sweet Lucy.  The first picture is the one that got me hooked and captured my heart when I saw it on Facebook….I just knew we had to make the trip to get her.  The second picture was taken when I first met her.  We adopted her from a shelter in Bryson City North Carolina which is about an 8-9 hour drive.  The last pic was taken about 2 weeks ago….is that not just the sweetest face ever???!!!???  She is about 3 years old now.

This handsome boy is my Murphy.  He was another rescue that I found through the gal that does my hair….long story short…..he was out running stray in the dead of winter and someone brought him in so he wouldn’t freeze to death but couldn’t keep him.  Lucky me, because he is such a loving boy.  The first picture was on our first visit to the vet the day after we got him.  The second picture is him chilling on the back of his favorite chair a few months ago.

Enough about Wild Kingdom…LOL.  Tomorrow the long awaited Deco Mesh Wreath Post will be my Throw Back Thursday.  I just finished making it a little while ago….until then…

Have a Great One All!!

Patty  🙂


Weigh-In Wednesday Week #3 & First Day Outfit


I had another good week at my weigh-in….I am down another 2 pounds.  That makes a total of 8 in the first 3 weeks including the first week which wasn’t really official but I have changed my mind about counting it.  I figure I did the work…..I am taking the credit!!  I still have a long way to go though.  Here’s hoping I don’t hit that first awful plateau this week.

My goal is about 70 pounds….that just sounds impossible right now so I am trying to focus on smaller goals along the way so it feels more manageable.  My first goal is 10 pounds and when I get there I am getting a pedicure.  I hope it is next week….I need one pretty bad!!

Once again my pedometer goal was a total bust.  I forgot it most of the time still and when I did wear it I don’t think it was very accurate.  Maybe it was where I had it on my belt, but I know I walked WAY more than 3,000 steps on Monday when I was getting everything ready for the first day of school.  Oh well….if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Being back at school has been sort of nice…not that I wouldn’t rather it still be vacation!!  It is just nice to get back into a routine, getting up every morning and getting myself together instead of walking around looking homeless like I did most of the summer.  I think that makes The Hubs happier too, although he would never admit it because he is too darn nice.  I also seem to have a really nice group of kids this year which is such a relief.  It is amazing what a difference that makes.

Here is what I wore to school for the first day.  I am generally pretty casual for school but with it being the first day I figured I should at least put on a dress even if I did still wear my flip flops!!  I found this dress the night before at Target….I love Target and all of its wonderful fashion deals.  It is on clearance at their website for only $9.98…I am pretty sure I paid $19.99 for it at the store which was still a great deal.  It is available in a few different colors online and there are lots of sizes still left.  I am resisting the urge to buy another one.  #multiplesqueen

The sweater is one I have had for a couple of years.  It is an Old Navy boyfriend sweater.  The exact one I am wearing is no longer available, but there are some very similar to it on their website for $29.94.  The belt is also an old one from Old Navy and the necklace is the same tassel necklace you have seen me wear before from Glamour Farms.  The shoes are from Marshall’s earlier this summer and they were a steal for only $12.  With 2 days of school under my belt now I am feeling pretty worn out so this girl is going to bed early tonight!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

Weigh-In Wednesday Week #2

Hi!  I just weighed in this morning because I couldn’t make it to the meeting last night….I was out having fun playing Bunco!!  Luckily Weight Watchers has a center close by so I stopped in there this morning after cheer practice and just weighed in.  I was very nervous because I not only ate all of my daily points last week but I also ate all of my weekly points….stupid Cinnamon Crunch bagels from Panera!!  But what’s a girl to do when they tell you that you earned 1/2 dozen bagels free….I couldn’t let that just go to waste.  At any rate….much to my surprise I lost 3.4 pounds this week…..Yahoo!!  Since that was my first week of official weigh-ins I am just going to count those pounds towards my total.  The first week I just weighted in on my own scale and it reads a bit differently than theirs does……I think I like theirs better!! (more…)

Weigh-In Wednesday-Week #1

Hi!  I just completed my first week on Weight Watchers and I am happy with the results….drumroll please….down 3 pounds!  Nothing Earth shattering, but not too shabby for week #1.  I was surprised how easy it was to get back in the swing of the program after having been away from it for about 4 years.  I guess some things really are like riding a bike…it just comes back to you.  I haven’t felt hungry or deprived of anything.  That is probably the best part of this program….you can really eat whatever you want until you run out of points.  I have been pretty good about my choices though and stayed within my points just about everyday and I only used a small portion of my weekly allowance.  They recommend using all of your daily points as well as all of your weekly allowance, but sometimes I feel like I would be eating junk just for the sake of eating because that is what I tend to gravitate towards at the end of the day.  Hence my need for the program in the first place.  #IbrokeupwithBenandJerry  🙁

I have to be honest…I have not made exercise a part of my routine yet….baby steps right??!!  I am thinking that I will start walking each morning after cheer practice until school starts and then start walking after school.  The track is right there, so I might as well take advantage of it.  I guess it’s time to get the pedometer out and make sure I am getting my 10,000 steps everyday.  Hey….I think I just set my goal for week #2.  I might also look into getting a Fitbit.  It looks like they start around $80 and go up from there so I need to do some shopping and determine what I really need from it.  I have no clue what they can even do so I have lots of homework to do.  Weight Watchers also has their own version so I should consider it as well.  It runs about $60 and then there is an extra $5 per month charge added to my monthly Weight watchers subscription.  It is cheaper at the onset, but will end up being more expensive when the monthly fee starts to add up.  I can sync the Fitbit to my Weight Watchers account and it will track my activity automatically so it’s looking like it might be the way to go.  I’ll let you when and if I make a decision on this one.

Do you have any advice on Fitbits?

Have a Great One All!!

Patty  🙂

Back on the Wagon

Hi….There is nothing like posting pics of yourself on  internet to give you a wake-up call about your weight!  I knew things were not in a great place with my bathroom scale (I think it lies….maybe a little) but the more pics I posted the more it became clear that it was time to do something about it.  #thestruggleisreal  The Hubs and I did Weight Watchers several years ago and had great success.  Between us we lost about 100 pounds.  Sadly….we have not kept that weight off and we are right back where we started.  It’s true…..we are Weight Watchers drop outs!!  However, our fat story does not end there!  We have decided to get back on the wagon and start Weight Watchers again….YAY!! (more…)