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Classroom Tour


I have seen several other teacher bloggers share tours of their classrooms so I thought I would do the same.  My 7th grade science classroom is a colorful place to be….what can I say, I’m a very visual person.  Besides that, I spend so much time in my room during the school year that I want it to be a pleasant place to be.  There is no sense in looking at 4 blank and boring walls all of the time.

This year was the first year that I didn’t have to move my classroom in about 4 years.  I was beyond thrilled both because it is a ton of work and I love where my room is located and the people teaching nearby.  Not moving meant that I had lots of extra time available to work on things in my room and after a very challenging year last year I knew I wanted to make some changes to some of my procedures. (more…)

Back to School

Well, it was inevitable….summer came to end today and I had to return to school.  Fortunately I work in a district that really knows how to kick off a new school year is style.  This year that meant 70’s style!  Each year we have a welcome back breakfast and the theme this year was the 70’s.  My superintendent who is about 6’4″ was wearing black bell bottom pants, a hot pink jacket, zebra print platform shoes, a black afro wig, big glasses, and a shaggy mustache.  The school treasurer had an equally colorful get up.  Excuse the awful picture quality.  I used my phone and they are not very clear but I just had to share so you could really get just how much they jumped into the theme this year. (more…)

College Survival Kit


I have a few girls that are quite special to me leaving for college for the first time very soon and I wanted to get them something as they head off on their great new adventure. College kids need just about everything, but some of it is a matter of personal taste like bedding and towels so I wanted to focus on practical things instead.  I thought they might be so focused on the big stuff that they might forget lots of the little, but oh so necessary, stuff.  Here is a pic of what I put together for one of them. (more…)

Back to School Stuff-Chart Stand

August 1st????  Seriously….already!!??!!  If anyone sees my summer laying around please return it to me….I feel like I lost part of it because it has gone so darn fast.  I know….nobody wants to listen to a teacher whine about how fast summer goes by each year!!  #teacherproblems

I hate to admit it, but I have started thinking about the new school year and got to work a couple of weeks ago already.  I try not to until August usually, but with coaching cheer and starting back earlier this year it is best to get a head start on it.  I have already put together several things here….


School Tool Box


Thank you so much for all of the love regarding the Banquette Project.  It was a big one, but I am so happy with how it turned out.  Now to sit down and get those darn seat cushions done!!  I also want to thank you for sharing my page with friends.  You can also follow my Blog through your e-mail if you are interested in that.  I am totally wiped out after 2 days of cheer camp but I really wanted to share a project with you, so here you go!

Today’s project is a tool box from Lowes that I turned into a cute storage box for supplies on my desk at school.  I shared this on my personal FB page a couple of weeks ago.  Here was my original Pinsperation….Adorable, right??!!!  There are also tons of other examples of it on Pinterest in case you need a Pinsperation in a different color combination.


Link (more…)

Time for a Quickie!!

If the weather clears up a bit today I am hoping to get The Hubs started on our next project….oh how he loves when “we” start a project!  “We” are going to build some banquette seating in our dining room.  I will have all the details later, but in the meantime here is a quick little project I did the other day for my desk at school.  Yes…I know it is summer so I need to quit working on school stuff, but when the “pinspiration” hits I go with it. (more…)

Binder Rack

I have been teaching for 16 years now and I am a “Binder Kind of Gal”…..meaning that I prefer to store my stuff in binders rather than in file cabinets or whatever.  A great deal of my files are on my computer of course, but I really like to be able to pull out the Binder for a unit when I am plannin so I have copies of most everything in those as well.  As such, I have been looking for a way to store “said binders” in a way that allowed for easy access as well as something that would be attractive because… if it isn’t pretty then it’s not going on my desk!  I naturally went to Pinterest for inspiration and found this beauty… (more…)