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25 Days of Winter Fashion Day #11: Now That’s a Monogram

25 Days of WInter Fashion


We just barely missed the huge winter storm that is burying the east coast right now.  Life as usual continues here…..but thoughts and prayers for those that are being impacted!!

I had a long evening of basketball games tonight so casual and comfortable was they key!    Daisy snuck out the door with me when I went to take pics so I just had to include her….I mean really….look at that cute face!  She is such a sweet girl!!

25 Days of WInter Fashion

| Sweatshirt | Gingham Button Down (similar) | Jeans | Shoes |

I just got this sweatshirt this week from Marleylilly and I am loving it.  It is my favorite website for all things monogrammed!  This sweatshirt is on sale right now for $29.99 and it is available in lots of different color combinations and fonts.

I have shared these jeans a few times.  They aren’t on sale anymore so you might want to wait if you are interested in them.

I picked up this gingham button down under my sweatshirt a couple of years ago at Eddie Bauer so I linked to a similar one.  Mine has a really small gingham print and the one I linked to is a bigger print.

The shoes have been shared before too.  They have become a favorite as they go with lots of different styles and they are SUPER comfortable!  They are available in several different colors and the tassel detail on the laces is so fun!

I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are this weekend!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

2016 Resolutions…..No Thank You!!

Blessings Jar


Happy New Year all!  I hope you are reflecting on a great 2015 and looking forward to an even better 2016.  I have been one to make resolutions every year only to see them fall by the wayside leaving me feeling bad about myself.  If I want to feel bad about myself I can just go to the mall and stand in the 3-way mirror in any of the dressing rooms under that universally awful lighting…that usually does the trick!!   LOL  I feel like we almost set ourselves up for failure by making resolutions.  I mean, I know there are plenty of you that are probably New Years Resolutions Success Stories….People Magazine highlights several this time each year, and I congratulate each and every one of you for that.  Needless to say though, People Magazine is not likely to be calling me anytime soon for a Resolution Success Story interview!! (more…)

12 Days of Christmas Decorations Day #10: Windows and Door Frames

Christmas Greenery


A big part of my Christmas decorating each year involves my interior window and door frames.  While I was at the mall more than 10 years ago the huge swags that were above all of the walkways inspired me and I knew I wanted to add some greenery swags to my doors and windows, but on a much smaller scale of course.  What started as greenery quickly evolved to ribbon, bows, and this year the addition of burlap.  I am considering adding a few gingerbread men next year if I get them baked in time.  The window and door swags are one of my favorite things about my decorations and the part I miss the most when I take it down each New Years Day. (more…)

12 Days of Christmas Decorations Day #9: How I Decorate my Christmas Tree

How I Decorate My Tree

While wasting time and probably trying to avoid grading papers….I mean, doing important research on Pinterest one day I came across several posts on how to decorate a Christmas tree.  Initially I thought….seriously do we really need a tutorial for that?  Then I got to thinking about all of the elaborate and beautiful trees I see on decorator sites and realized that maybe a tutorial might not be a bad thing.  I have always loved my tree, but felt like it definitely had room for improvement so why not have a look.  #firstworldproblems

Well….let me tell you….these tutorials took my tree to the next level and they were so easy!!  I mean….look at these trees! (more…)

12 Days of Christmas Decorations Day #8: Laser Cut Snowflakes

Laser Cut Snowflake Ornaments


I saw a pin about this type of ornament and decided….what the heck…..I’ll give them a shot.  At the link under the picture she stained hers and I wanted some more white pops for the tree so spray paint was the way to go for me.  Stained is also really pretty though.

Laser Cut Ornaments

| Link |

These really could not have been easier and the unusually warm weather we have been having made it even easier to get them done outside.  I found the ornaments on sale at Michael’s for about $1 each.  I went with just snowflakes but they had lots of shapes and sizes to choose from….probably not so much now though. I love how much detail they have for such a low price. (more…)

12 Days of Christmas Decorations Day #7: Kitchen Chalkboard

Christmas Chalkboard


I posted a couple of months ago about how I added a chalkboard wall in my kitchen.  Now I feel compelled to add something cute and seasonal to it throughout the year.  I have mentioned before that I am lacking in the artistic gene so I went to Pinterest for an idea for Christmas.  There are TONS of cute chalkboard ideas and I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to just chalkboards.  I hope this is a trend that holds on for quite some time…..I foe one love it!  Here are a few ideas that I really liked…. (more…)

12 Days of Christmas Decorations Day #6: Clothespin Snowflakes

Clothespin Snowflakes


I found these cute little clothes pin snowflakes on Pinterest and instantly knew I needed to make some.  I had no idea where I was going to put them, but I knew I would find a place.  Originally I had thought they would go on my living room Christmas tree, but instead they ended up outside on my topiary trees on either side of the garage door.  Anyway….back to the project.  Here is my Pinsperation… (more…)

12 Days of Christmas Decorations Day #5: Birch Ladder

Birch Ladder


Since we moved into this house over 17 years ago we have hung our Christmas stockings from the window ledge in the dining room.  When we built the banquette seating in the dining room this summer I knew I was going to have to find a new place for our stockings.  We don’t have fireplace and I was really at sort of a loss for what to do until I saw this little Pinsperation…. (more…)