I ordered these pants from Old Navy in both tan and burgundy and I love how comfy they are.  Both colors were on my Fall Shopping List and they were a good deal plus I had some Old Navy Cash to use.  They have just enough stretch to be comfortable but not so much that they look huge by the end of the day.  I hate it when it looks like my pants have grown over the course of a day…UGH!!

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The top is from Stitch Fix…one of my very favorite pieces from them ever.  My next fix should be on its way this week and I am super excited to see what my stylist has picked out for me this time.

The leopard flats are from Target….and yes I bought them in 3 different colors.  I already had the burgundy ones and then they had a buy one get one half off sale…how could I possibly pass that up…I mean really!!!


The scarf is an old one from about 2-3 years ago.  I love the chevron print and the contrast between that print and the leopard print of the shoes.  Mixing patterns can add interest if you don’t get too crazy with it.

On a side note…..it has come to our attention that our dog Murphy is a “peeper!”  He just loves to look through the knot hole in our back fence and see what the neighbor is up to.  We have told him this is not normal behavior nor is it very polite…he doesn’t seem to care….UGH!!!  It is a good thing he is cute….he has the other 2 joining in now on his bad behavior!  Note to self…it looks like it is time to stain the fence again…sorry Hubs!!  🙂

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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