I have been teaching for 16 years now and I am a “Binder Kind of Gal”…..meaning that I prefer to store my stuff in binders rather than in file cabinets or whatever.  A great deal of my files are on my computer of course, but I really like to be able to pull out the Binder for a unit when I am plannin so I have copies of most everything in those as well.  As such, I have been looking for a way to store “said binders” in a way that allowed for easy access as well as something that would be attractive because… if it isn’t pretty then it’s not going on my desk!  I naturally went to Pinterest for inspiration and found this beauty…


This Old House
This Old House

I promptly went to my local Lowes only to find out that brackets were about $15 each….a little too rich for my blood.  Back to Pinterest I went and found this pin with brackets that I knew my good friends at Hobby Lobby would certainly have and if I was lucky they would be one sale!  If something isn’t on sale wait a week, stuff rotates through their add about every other week….or so it seems.  If all else fails get their coupon which is always good for 40% off a regular priced item.  Seriously….paying full price is for amateurs!

From The Lavender Tub
From The Lavender Tub

Now the wheels were really turning and as luck would have it I found the brackets on sale at Hobby Lobby for 50% off so the pair was only $8.99….now that’s more like it!  Back to Lowes for a paint grade piece of pine that was 1 x 12 x 36 for just under $7.00 and I was ready to go to work.  IMG_3182

I had hoped to have the fine young man at Lowes cut the board in half for me, but his saw was down that day which meant it was up to “The Hubs” to help me out….power tools that can remove fingers and such frighten me more than you know!!

IMG_3185Once the board was cut in half I sanded the rough edges and gave it a coat of semi-gloss paint I already had on hand from painting new baseboards.  After the first coat dried I sanded the entire thing again and gave it a second coat.IMG_3186

The Hubs went back to work for me and screwed the back to the bottom piece and then added the brackets and here she is all finished…..IMG_1360Finally….here she is with my Binders….I’m not sure why I am referring to this as a “she”.  Maybe it’s just to pretty to be a “he”;)  At any rate, she is done, and now so is my first real post for my blog.


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  1. Love this! I’m always looking for cute office and organization ideas so I’m anxious for more of your fabulous ideas!! I love all your projects.

  2. Cool post. I guess this means more projects are on the way?!? That’s awesome!
    At least I get to have fun using the big, scary power tools.
    Wish you all the best luck with the blog!

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