So here we are with the final phase of the Great Banquette Project.  Just to make sure everyone is up to speed..here is where it all started.


My dining room…which is really more of an eat in kitchen sort of arrangement has been calling to me to build a bench seat for quite some time.  No…it is not strange that my room spoke to me, I’m sure yours do to but you might not be listening!!  LOL  So of course I was once again under the influence of Pinterest and I got The Hubs to work and here is where we ended up.


You can check out my other 2 posts about the first phases of the project for more details.  Well, to say that I was pleased with how this turned out would be a HUGE understatement….I am head over heals and over the moon in love with it,  but with the seat being wood it needed a little cushion for my buns so I got to work on cushions over the weekend.  I again went to Pinterest and here are some of my Pinsperations…

Link                                              Link                                        Link

I had some pretty lofty aspirations going into this project, but by the time I got to phase 3 my expectations  and ambition had diminished to say the least.  By the time I was ready to sew these babies I just wanted them to be done as easily and quickly as possible….therefore another Pinsperation…



Now this was a plan of action I could live with.  It was going to give me professional “ish” results in a fraction of the time and I honestly didn’t even really have to measure anything….sewing doesn’t get much easier than that!!  It didn’t take me long to abandon the idea of beautiful contrast piping or a lovely boxed edge when I came to my senses and realized how much time and patience that would require.  At this stage in the project I was running short on both!!  Several sites recommended applying the foam to a board, wrapping it in batting, and then wrapping it with the fabric and stapling it in place on the bottom of the board.  The board was then placed on top of the bench.  While I am sure this approach is totally fine, I was afraid that with my benches having piano hinges across the top of them that it might make the wrapped boards sit sort of wobbly and I wanted to avoid that so sewing was the only option I could think of.

The directions from the link above are fantastic.  I will do my best to describe here what I did, but if it gets confusing check out her site for more details if you need them.  So here is where I started, the first piece of foam was the right length and I had already built the benches to the right depth so I wouldn’t have to trim any more than necessary and I would have less waste.  The second piece of foam was about 8″ too long so I had to trim the end of it.  All of the sites I visited recommended using an electric knife for this task.  I don’t personally own an electric knife (does anyone under the age of 70 own one) so I just used a serrated knife.  The edge was a little rough but I figured that since I was wrapping it in quilt batting anyway it would be fine and it is!

The 4″ foam is quite pricey if you buy it at a fabric store.  I found some 3″ foam at Home Depot Online for about 1/4 the price of the fabric stores so I went with that.  The fabric store foam seemed to be a higher density, but for my purposes the stuff from Home Depot was totally fine.  All of the details on what I bought and how much I spent will be at the end of the post.  I bought a queen size piece of quilt batting and cut it in half which was just enough for both of my cushions.  I wrapped the foam in the batting as recommended on every site and I used some spray adhesive to hold it in place….snug as a bug in a rug!



Then I just layed out the fabric and fitted it around my cushion making sure I had enough left over for a seam allowance. I left a WAY bigger seam allowance than I needed but since I wasn’t measuring I wanted to be on the safe side of things and I knew I had purchased a little extra fabric since it was on clearance.  (I literally just had one big piece of fabric that wrapped around the foam.  The folded edge of the fabric is the front edge of the cushion cover.)  Then I just rolled what would be the edges of the opening over and sewed them to give the edge a more finished look and to prevent fraying.  I just sort of eyeballed this as well.


Then I put the fabric back around the foam with the right side in facing the foam and pinned the sides.  Once I had it pinned I removed it from the foam…this is a bit tricky and I stabbed myself with a pin more than once….insert cursing here!  YIKES!!  Then I just sewed the side seams along my line of pins, removing the pins as I went.  Once the side seams were done I had to put it back on the foam leaving the right side facing in towards the foam.  This is the genius part…..you simply fold the corner flat along the folded edge of the fabric at both ends and pin it like this…



Remove the fabric again from the foam and sew a seam along this little line of pins….this creates the seam along the front corner of the cushion…..it’s like magic!


You can see the seam on the front corner of the finished cushion in the pic above. Once you have them seams done you turn it so that the outside is facing out and now you have to determine how you are going to close this puppy up once you get the foam back in it.  The site with the directions I followed recommended folding the back edges up like a package and sewing it closed by hand……Um, No Thank You!  That would have taken me forever and I just kept seeing lots more pins pricks in my fingers…Ouch!!  This method would also not allow for me to remove the covers later as it is inevitable that I will spill something on it at some point.   I considered putting in a zipper but I knew that would require me to watch an entirely different tutorial and again at this point I just wanted to be done!  Then I thought of Velcro and I knew that was the answer.  It would easy to apply and would allow for the cover to be removed if necessary….okay not so much “if” but “when”!!

It was getting late on a Sunday evening at this point so I had no choice but to go to the “Store of Last Resort”…AKA Walmart and see if they had what I needed.  Jackpot!!!  Not only did they have Velcro in the exact lengths that I needed it was also NO SEW!  I didn’t even know that was an option for something that you would want to be able to wash later!!  I scampered home with my treasure and went to work ironing it onto the open edges of my cushion covers.


This stuff is heaven sent!!  All I had to do was peel off the sticky backing, apply it to my fabric, and then flip over the fabric and iron it well….that’s it…can you believe how easy!!!???!!!   I stuffed the foam back in the cover and velcroed (is that a word?)  the cover shut!  That’s it…done!  In all it took me about 4 hours to complete the project including the side trip to Walmart….not too bad if you ask me!  Here it is now….

 IMG_3352The pillows along the back were all store bought from IKEA, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, etc.  That’s it…..The Great Banquette Project is now in the books…as my friend Erika would say!!

Here is what I bought for this Phase:

7 yards of Upholstery Weight Fabric at Hancock’s Fabric 70% off:  $40 (So Cheap…right??!!)

Thread from Hancock’s:  $3

Quilt Batting from Hobby Lobby:  $12 (after 40% Coupon)

2 Pieces of  Foam (3″ x 24″ x 73″) from Home Depot online:  $54 (shipping was FREE)

Spray Adhesive:  I already had on  hand

Total:  $109  (Less than half of what it would have cost for just the foam at a fabric store!!)

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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