Hi…the Great Banquette Project continues.  In my last post I showed what inspired the project, the materials we bought, and how we built the frame.  Just for the sake of full disclosure here….I hope you realize that when I say “WE” I usually mean The Hubs….let’s give credit where credit is due!!  He seriously impressed me with this project.  It was a bigger one than I had originally thought it would be and he totally killed it!!  Dare I say, maybe his best project to date!!  But as always….I digress, so back to Part 2.  Here is where we left off in Part 1.



The next step was putting the MDF on the frame and adding the hinges so that we could access the inside for storage.  We had the MDF cut to the correct height for the front and the top of the benches at Lowes when we bought it, so all The Hubs had to do was cut it to length.   We use the 1/2″ MDF on the front and the 3/4″ MDF for the seat.  This was probably thicker than we really needed but I figured it was better to be safe than sorry.  Once he had all of the pieces cut he fitted them and held them in place with painter’s tape just to make sure they were all good.  Is it just me or does this thing seem like it is growing….it just keeps looking bigger and bigger with each stage of construction….Yikes!!


Then it was time to paint.  I did 2 coats on the top and 3 coats on the front.  I am going to be making a cushion for the top so 2 coats seemed like enough there and in all honesty I was getting sick of painting.  #lazydiyer


While I was painting The Hubs went to work attaching the piano hinge and then started attaching the pieces to the frame once they were dry enough.


IMG_3259Then it was time to finish it out with trim.  We used the 1×3 on the front at the top, bottom, corners and uprights and the 1×2 along the front edge of the seat to make it look a bit more substantial.


Wow….better than I even dared to hope for and of course bigger that I had expected!!!  I totally LOVE it though!!  Here it is with our table, chairs and a few pillows.



Part 3 will come in the next week or so and will involve the finishing touches with caulk and wood filler as well as cushions for the bench seats.  I am one my own for this Part….ugh!


Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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