I have been wanting to add some built-in banquette seating to our dining room for ages.  I have been pinning pics and doing research for way over a year and two weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger and we got started.  There are TONS of ideas on Pinterest.  Here are just a few of my Pinsperations:

               Link                                               Link                                         Link

Once we had committed to the project we started by taping it out on the dining room floor to get an idea of how big we wanted it.  It didn’t look so big at this stage……


Then we had to figure how we were going to address the vent that was under the window.  This site had some great advice that we followed.



 Then a trip to Lowes for materials….here is what we bought:

7- 2x4x8’s (We already had 6 on hand, so we used a total of 13) @ $3.32 each= $23.24

1 Box of Wood Screws @ $21.97

1 Roll of Reflective Tape @ $3.25

2 Piano Hinges (No point letting all that storage space go to waste) @ $9.98 each=$19.96

1 sheet of 1/2″ MDF @ $24.68

1 sheet of 3/4″ MDF @ $34.25

6-1x3x8 MDF Trim @ $6.64 each= $39.84

2-1x2x8 MDF Trim (We had this on hand from another project)

1 Gallon Semi-Gloss Paint @ $21.97

Total:  $189.16

We had our new friend Richard at Lowes cut the MDF for us to the appropriate height so it would fit in the SUV and so that The Hubs only had to worry about cutting the length.  Our table saw is not nearly big enough to handle a full sheet of MDF, so this was a HUGE help!

The first step was building the frame.  The Hubs did this in 2 pieces which he then screwed together when they were in place.  Here is the first frame:


We made one of the frames 5′ long and the other 6′ long in order to maximize the scraps from the wood.  Originally we were going to make one 7′ long and the other 4′ long but that would have created a lot more unusable scraps.  I was pretty proud of myself for figuring this out ahead of time.  This is usually the sort of thing I would think of after the fact.  I guess having planned this in my head for SO long was a good thing!

Here are both of the frames in place:

 IMG_3211Scooter just had to get in on the pic!!  It is starting to look a bit bigger than I had imagined…

You can see where he built a box to go around the vent.  He lined it with the reflective tape they use on ductwork and put a lid on it.

 IMG_3246IMG_3247IMG_3249That’s pretty much for the first phase of the project.  This took a FULL weekend as we are not pro’s by any stretch of the imagination so there was lots of trial and error involved.  In the next post I’ll tell you how we added the MDF, hinges, and trimmed this baby out.

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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