Well, it was inevitable….summer came to end today and I had to return to school.  Fortunately I work in a district that really knows how to kick off a new school year is style.  This year that meant 70’s style!  Each year we have a welcome back breakfast and the theme this year was the 70’s.  My superintendent who is about 6’4″ was wearing black bell bottom pants, a hot pink jacket, zebra print platform shoes, a black afro wig, big glasses, and a shaggy mustache.  The school treasurer had an equally colorful get up.  Excuse the awful picture quality.  I used my phone and they are not very clear but I just had to share so you could really get just how much they jumped into the theme this year.

Then after all of the welcome back speeches from the Board President, Treasurer, Union President, Superintendent, etc. we had a surprise guest.  Somehow my superintendent managed to get Haywood Banks from the Bob and Tom show to perform.  Seriously….a comedian….too fun!!  All in all it was a pretty groovy morning!  I am also fortunate that all of that fun was NOT followed by professional development meetings, but rather time to actually work in our rooms to get ready for the kiddos arriving tomorrow.

I could not let the start of the new school year slip by without making something for the gals I work with.  Not only do I work in a really fun district, I also happen to be blessed with an amazing team!!  I was inspired by Pinterest as always and found 2 different Mason Jar projects that I just couldn’t pass up.  Here are my Pinsperations…..

                     Link                                              Link

They were both so cute I couldn’t decide on just one.  They were really simple.  I started by painting all of the jars with a couple of coats of red glossy spray paint and the lids and rings with a light green glossy spray paint.  Give them at least 24 hours to dry….longer might be better.  The lids on  my small jars were really hard to remove because I think the paint might have been just slightly tacky still…..darn it!  The stems are just little knobs from Hobby Lobby that I painted with brown spray paint.  I cut the leaves out of patterned scrapbook paper by hand and used my embossing tool to put the veins on them.  I used my trusty glue gun to attach the leaves and the stem of the small jar.  Then is was just a hole punch and some twine to attach the leaves to the big jars to the jars.  On my larger jar I added the green ring to the top because I accidentally painted them not realizing the one in the picture didn’t have one and because I just liked it better.  I made the tags with my printer….super easy.  Here is how mine turned out…..

I filled the small jars with chocolate….I know how handy that can be the first week of school….oh heck who am I kidding….it comes in handy EVERY week of school!!  LOL

Have a Great One!

Patty  *\O/*

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