This was like the fastest 30 days ever!!  Here is a recap of everything that I wore…

| One | Two | Three |

| Four | Five | Six |

| Seven | Eight | Nine |

| Ten | Eleven | Twelve |

| Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen |

| Sixteen | Seventeen | Eighteen |

| Nineteen | Twenty | Twenty-One |

| Twenty -Two | Twenty-Three | Twenty-Four |

| Twenty -Five | Twenty-Six | Twenty-Seven |

| Twenty-Eight | Twenty-Nine | Thirty |

Well….with 30 days straight of outfit posts under my belt now I have reflected a bit on how much I have learned already in my short time as a blogger….

  1.  The perfect leggings and the right tunic are like magic….Day #1
  2. It is good to step outside your comfort zone you find new things to love….faux fur and camoflauge
  3. NEVER take pictures for the blog after a long day of teaching and conferences…not pretty!
  4. Never use my living room curtains as the background for blog pics and ALWAYS take pics outside in the sunshine!
  5. There are a few things in my closet that need to be in the next donation box…not doing me any favors…..yikes!
  6. If you think a 3-way mirror is harsh try plastering pics of yourself online!  LOL
  7. Pictures of my backside are not a good thing….my apologies!  🙂
  8. Blogging is a TON of work but so much fun and so rewarding…why did I wait so long to get started??!!??
  9. You don’t have to look like a model to look and feel great about yourself!
  10. I love clothes…maybe a little too much….okay….maybe A LOT too much!!

So what are your thoughts…..do you have a favorite….a least favorite?  Would you like to see 30 Days of Winter Fashion??  Are you just sick to death of seeing my outfits each day??  No worries there is at least a little relief in sight….the 12 Days of Christmas Decorations is on the way…..stay tuned!!!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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