These shoes appeared as if by magic on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago and called out to me to buy them.  Who am I to argue when shoes are begging me to buy them!!??  It was an add from Nordstrom, so needless to say they were no bargain but I just love them so much that I feel like they are worth it….or at least that is how I am trying to rationalize the purchase!

I mean seriously….are they not just adordable!!!???!!!

They are great with jeans of course but I have also worn them with my black cargo pants and I think they would be great with my black slacks too!!

See….lots of ways to wear them….totally worth the price!!

Last night we had tons of rain, but today turned out to be gorgeous….the perfect day for some boyfriend jeans and my new loafers!!  Here is how I put this one together….

| Shoes | Jeans | Top | Sweater | Necklace |

I have had these jeans for about a year so I linked you to a similar pair.  I figured that loafers and white button down always go together and I added a statement necklace for a little added interest.  Just an easy and comfy outfit for a warm and lazy fall day!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂


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