You are getting a 2 for 1 deal on Day 4 of the 30 Days of Fashion.  Basically I put the same top half together with 2 different bottom halves…I hope that makes sense!  This cardigan was recommended by a another blogger that I follow.  Now in all honesty….I almost didn’t buy this as it is a bit pricier than I am usually willing to go….especially for a cardigan.  She just looked so darn comfy cozy in it though and she just raved about all of its amazing qualities.   So, after much hesitation I pulled the trigger and bought it.  Again…this was from Nordstrom so I knew if I didn’t just fall head over heals in love with it that the return would be no big deal.  Well….let me just tell you…this baby was worth every penny and then some.  I simply cannot tell you how incredibly soft it is.  Think about your favorite baby blanket and how silky soft it was and multiply that by about 1,000 and you have the softness factor of this sweater!!!  Not only is it soft, it is the perfect length and width to cover any lumpy bits that the world doesn’t need to see….WINNING!!!   And as if that isn’t enough…wait for it……it also has pockets!!  I am having a Charlie Sheen “Tiger Blood” sort of moment here!!  Needless to say the cardigan was a keeper!  I am felling pretty proud of myself right now for showing such restraint and not going back to the website to order it in the other color as well……yet……

Anyway…when I bought it I also picked up this cute long t-shirt to go with it which means it is now leggings approved….all crotchety areas are covered!  #leggingsareNOTpants  I love the combination of taupe and dark orange….so autumnal right!!  I paired it both with leggings and riding boots …..

as well as skinny jeans and my Tom’s booties.

| Sweater | Top | Leggings | Jeans | Boots | Tom’s Booties |

I like both combinations…what are your thoughts?

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂


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