I discovered this little gem just a bit too late last winter and I totally missed it.  It was a huge J. Crew grab, but in all honesty I probably wouldn’t have paid that price for it.  None the less…..it was sold out EVERYWHERE and I thought I had missed it forever….#sadface!  Well….thank goodness for online shopping and knock-offs!  I found this one at several Etsy shops and snatched it up before it passed me by again!!  J Crew also has another version of it this year in gray that is nice as well.

Here are some of my Pinsperations….

| One | Two | Three |

Here is how I put it together…

| Jeans | Vest | Boots | Flannel Shirt (Similar) |

If I am being honest, and I try to be, this was actually my third shot at this purchase.  The first one was really small and not really a herringbone fabric but rather a printed nylon….not what I wanted.  The second one was the right fabric but again way too small.  Apparently “Asian Sizing” is a thing….who knew?!?!  What is Asian Sizing you ask…..well long story short it is apparently some sort of conspiracy to make Americans feel badly about themselves and their bodies….UGH!!  Seriously…they run SUPER SMALL!!  Like the vest that I am wearing is a 3X…and even at my largest I have NEVER been anywhere near a 3X.  If you go on the hunt for one please keep that in mind.  Most sites don’t say they are done in Asian Sizing, so make sure you really pay close attention to the measurements they provide in the description and get out a tape measure and measure yourself…save yourself the time and expense of multiple returns!!  When I ordered mine it was available monogrammed but I skipped that on this one so that I would be able to return it if it didn’t fit again….thankfully it fit!!

I paired it with a favorite pair of Wit and Wisdom Jeans, my black riding boots, and a flannel from Old Navy from last year.  I love the pop of color and added texture from the flannel shirt….and it’s flannel so what’s not to love about that!!  There’s a reason they use flannel for pajamas people!!   I have also paired this with black jeans as well….so many possibilities!!  You will be seeing this again before Winter is over for sure!!

Have you ever missed out on something and just kicked yourself for it later??

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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