It is safe to say that I am not southern or proper so the No White After Labor Day rule does not apply in my world.  Thankfully, after taking a look around Pinterest it doesn’t apply to a great number of others as well.  Now please understand, I have never been a big fan of white shoes during any season unless you are a bride or Minnie Mouse…they both totally rock some white shoes!  White denim however, is a totally different story….I mean why not wear it all year round.  Finding denim that fits well is no easy task and when you add in the white factor it complicates the issue exponentially!  So I say once you find a beloved pair of white denim, the work should pay off and you should wear the heck out of them!  To prove my point about white after Labor Day here are some of my Pinsperations…..

| One | Two | Three |

I have everything , or at least I either have it or it is on it’s way to home as we speak, to do each of the looks above so you will be seeing more white denim in the weeks to come for sure.

Here is how I styled mine….

| Jeans (similar) | Chambray Shirt | Vest | Blazer (similar) | Boots | Booties |

Where do you stand on the no white after Labor Day rule??

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂



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