I cannot tell you how excited I was when these faux fur vests arrived.  They were both even better than I dared to hope they would be.  Here are my original Pinsperations to take the leap and try faux fur…

| One | Two | Three |

I bought one very similar to the first one pictured above and then I found the exact same one as the middle one so I go that one too.  Here is the first one…

| Vest | JeansBoots | Necklace |

I bought both vest online at TJ Maxx.  I loved this one because of the knit trim on the collar and along the zipper.  The entire back is also knit which made trying faux fur seem a little less intimidating since it wasn’t an all-over fur look.  I could not be happier with this vest.  the style and quality are both great and I got it for a steal!!  I styled it with Wit and wisdom Skinny Jeans, a black top from Stitch Fix, my Rebel Pendent and black riding boots.  Here is the second one…

| Vest | JeansBootsShirt (similar) |

This is an all-over fur look and if I am being honest it reminds me a bit of one of our bath mats,,,,is it crazy that I still love it in spite of that???!!!???  I wore it with a flannel shirt from Old Navy from last year, Wit and Wisdom skinny jeans and black riding boots.   I think this one might be a bit long for my 5’2″ frame so I am thinking I might adjust the hemline a bit in the front and leave it longer in the back….something like this…

What are your thoughts on that idea???

Well, needless to say I am definitely a faux fur convert and you will be seeing more of these babies in the weeks to come!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂


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