I love the classic color combination of camel, red, black and white in a Burberry plaid scarf.  I do not, however, like the $300-$400 price tag that comes with a Burberry scarf.  I  picked this knock-off up a couple of years ago at Kohl’s for about $20 and I am perfectly happy with it.  Now….don’t misunderstand….if someone were to give me a luxurious cashmere or silk Burberry scarf I would be more than happy to kick this one to the curb and spend my days basking in the softness.  Since that is not likely to happen though I will go on being content with the one I have.

Here is the swoon-worthy real deal….


| Link |

Here is how I put it together with my Kohl’s version of the scarf…

| Pants | Shoes | Scarf (similar) | Top (similar) |

My photographer…aka The Hubs insisted on the cheesy pose leaning on the fence….it’s hard to get good help these days!  LOL  I wore my Old Navy Rockstar Sateen pants, a black faux wrap t-shirt and my cap toe flats from Target.  The entire outfit is only a fraction of the cost of the real scarf and it looks about the same!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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