So……I caught myself Googling “How to Build an Ark” today……seriously I think it poured down rain here for about 24 hours straight.  The squirrels in my yard probably have wrinkly paws from all of the rain.  Luckily it stopped when it did….the animals were starting to line up 2 by 2….not a good sign!!!

I pulled out my black Wit and Wisdom Jeans the other day.  I had almost forgotten that I even owned them….they had sort of gotten lost in the shuffle that is my closet….Ugh!  Seriously….can you have EVER have a closet that is big enough???  I would consider moving the Hubs into the guest room closet, but then I would have to find another place for my out of season stuff.  #firstworldproblems  #clotheshorder  #thestruggleisreal

Anyway…back to the outfit.  I paired my black jeans with my utility vest, a black and cream turtleneck recommended by another blogger and on sale 40% off right now, my Rebel Pendant from Stella and Dot and my black riding boots.  I felt pretty good about this combination…but now looking at the pictures I am not so sure.  I love all of the pieces individually.  Maybe not as flattering as I might have thought it was when they are all put together.  I still like the outfit, but maybe not on me or maybe with something other than the boots…..not really sure what it is that I am not wild about in all honesty.  At any rate…..I wore it and I want you to know I am willing to share the good, the bad and the ugly with you…that is just life.  Some days are just cuter than others!

| Vest (similar) | Jeans | Turtleneck (Other Colors) | Boots | Necklace |

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