I pulled out another blanket scarf last week to wear with a chambray tunic and the perfect leggings.  Needless to say it was a comfy cozy kind of day!

| TunicLeggings |

I have shared al of these pieces before with the exception of the scarf.  It was one that I made before the holidays for gifts that I didn’t end up giving away…Merry Christmas to me!  Rather than wrapping it around my neck, this time I wore it draped across my shoulders more like a shawl.  I just wanted to do something different and this a heavier flannel so it felt like almost too much wrapped around my neck.  The Tunic is from J Crew Factory and it is also available in white.  I think the length shrunk up a bit in the wash so I am not sure I can pull this one off with leggings anymore….gotta make sure all of my lady bits are covered!  It is going to be super cute this spring though with some white jeans and cute flip flops!!  The leggings are the Hue Ultra Wide waste Band ones that I have shared several times, but in brown this time.  The boots…which have been my favorites this winter…..look like they are all sold out.  I am still sort of wishing I would have grabbed them in black too….of well…I need to start thinking spring anyway!!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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