I really need to stop opening e-mails from Loft…..it too often leads to a purchase that let’s be honest….I really don’t need.  That was the case with this anorak sweater.  Impulse buying gets the best of me every time and I am a sucker for a cute anorak!  I styled this anorak sweater with my favorite camo pants, gray tassel tie booties, and a classic black tee.

| Anorak Sweater | Camo Pants (Similar) | Booties | Tee-Shirt |

To be completely honest, I am not thrilled with the fit of this sweater.  The ties on the anorak are on the sides which kept coming untied all day and made me a little crazy because they are hard to tie with them being on the sides.  It also hangs sort of droopy in the front at the bottom.  I am hoping it will shrink a bit in the wash so the fit will be better…otherwise I am going to wish I would have gone down a size.  It is super comfy though and if all else fails it will be great for wearing around the house with leggings on lazy days!

Have a Great One All!

Patty 🙂

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