While wasting time and probably trying to avoid grading papers….I mean, doing important research on Pinterest one day I came across several posts on how to decorate a Christmas tree.  Initially I thought….seriously do we really need a tutorial for that?  Then I got to thinking about all of the elaborate and beautiful trees I see on decorator sites and realized that maybe a tutorial might not be a bad thing.  I have always loved my tree, but felt like it definitely had room for improvement so why not have a look.  #firstworldproblems

Well….let me tell you….these tutorials took my tree to the next level and they were so easy!!  I mean….look at these trees!

| One | Two | Three |

I should probably start at the bottom and go from there.  I don’t use a traditional tree skirt for my tree.  Last year I saw lots of pins with nontraditional tree skirts so I took the leap and went to the local farm store and bought a galvanized tub in place of my old tree skirt.

| One | Two | Three |

Tree skirts have always sort of a pain in the neck….especially with dogs running around.  I felt like all I ever did was crawl around on the floor to straighten the tree skirt.  For whatever reason a tree skirt seems to be a dog magnet and they simply can’t resist messing it up over and over and over and over….you get it!  For that reason alone the galvanized tub thing was right up my alley.  Many of the sites recommended turning the tub upside down and cutting a hole in the bottom to put the tree in.  That seemed like a lot of effort when to top is already open.  Luckily me tree fit perfect into the bottom of my tub so I didn’t need to cut flip it over and cut.  If the base of your tree is too big for the bottom of the tub you might need to flip it over and cut it out since the tub is tapered the top is a bit bigger than the bottom.  My advice…..measure the width of your tree base before you go shopping for a tub!

I also put a smaller tree up in my bedroom and this year I also went with something different for it in place of a tree skirt.  If you wonder around Hobby Lobby long enough you finally get inspired…..that is where I found this hat box thingy that is now my bedroom tree skirt.

My tree was a Black Friday deal a couple of years ago at Lowes.  I already had a tree but it was too big for our space so I wanted something smaller.  This was a steal at less than $50 so I grabbed it.  I knew it wouldn’t be a luxurious tree for that price but I knew I could work with it.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

This is how she looked out of the box after  lots of fluffing.  Never underestimate the power of a good fluffing….it is worth the extra time and effort before you get started.  Not bad…but certainly in need of some volume.  That is where the tutorials came in handy.  I had never considered adding evergreen garland to my tree….but it is brilliant!  I bought some with some twigs, pine cones and berries so not only does it help to fill in the empty spots it also adds some interest as well…..score!!  I bought 3 lengths of the garland at Michael’s on sale for my 6 foot tree and it was just right.

Here is the tree with the garland added….


Getting better already!  Typically I would have put the ornaments on next, but the tutorials said to add the ribbon next so that was what I did.  I really like putting it on in the early stages because it looks more part of the tree rather than just wrapping around the outside of the tree.  I have used a red and white gingham ribbon for about 10 years and this year I also added some wider burlap ribbon behind it to help bring together the red, white and burlap theme I was going for.

I also liked the tip about pinching the ribbon every so often and wrapping a branch around it to hold it in place.  If you have a real tree you would need some sort of wire to do this but it would still work.  It makes the ribbon look so much better so it is worth the extra effort and it helped keep my ribbons together since I was layering two different ones together.

Then I moved on to the flower fillers and then ornaments.  I loved the floral accents that so many of the trees on Pinterest had so I went to Hobby Lobby during a half off sale on floral and found some burlap hydrangeas to add to the tree…..love them more than I even hoped I would!  Once I had the hydrangeas spread out on the tree filling any remaining gaps I put on the ornaments.  I did 1 type at a time to make sure they were spaced out evenly on the tree….also a tip from the tutorials.

My tree was a work in progress for a couple of weeks since I was making so many new ornaments this year…but here she is now in all her glory…..

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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