I saw a pin about this type of ornament and decided….what the heck…..I’ll give them a shot.  At the link under the picture she stained hers and I wanted some more white pops for the tree so spray paint was the way to go for me.  Stained is also really pretty though.

Laser Cut Ornaments

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These really could not have been easier and the unusually warm weather we have been having made it even easier to get them done outside.  I found the ornaments on sale at Michael’s for about $1 each.  I went with just snowflakes but they had lots of shapes and sizes to choose from….probably not so much now though. I love how much detail they have for such a low price.

Laser Cut Snowflake Ornaments

I literally just spread them out on a table covered in a drop cloth on the driveway and gave them a few coats of flat white spray paint on both sides.  I only used flat white because I already had it on hand from another project.  I did lift them off of the drop cloth with some extra Mason Jar lid rings I had around the garage so they wouldn’t stick to the drop cloth and mess up the finish.  Then my “inner cheerleader” spoke to me and begged me to add glitter to them too….well how could I ever ignore that idea??!!  I just put some Elmer’s school glue on a paper plate, spread it on with a sponge brush and then sprinkled on the glitter.  After they dried I added a coat of clear gloss sealant to keep the glitter in place.  That was it….if you have a trigger finger for the spray paint can you can accomplish this one!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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