I posted a couple of months ago about how I added a chalkboard wall in my kitchen.  Now I feel compelled to add something cute and seasonal to it throughout the year.  I have mentioned before that I am lacking in the artistic gene so I went to Pinterest for an idea for Christmas.  There are TONS of cute chalkboard ideas and I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to just chalkboards.  I hope this is a trend that holds on for quite some time…..I foe one love it!  Here are a few ideas that I really liked….

| One | Two | Three |

The first two have free downloads and the third one was just a pic someone had taken of a chalkboard she had done in her home…naturally that is the one I went with so I hope I am not violating anyone’s copyrights…..eek!!!  I don’t think I am though.  Please be sure to check it out at her site…hers is much cuter than mine and of course she has artistic skills I will never have!

Once I picked what I wanted and pinned it to my Chalkboards board on Pinterest I went to school and opened it and used my projector to make it larger on my board.  I taped a piece of white paper to my board and started tracing.  Make sure you measure the space you have to fill before you trace it or you might just have to trace it twice…just sayin’!!  Not that I had to do it over or anything……..okay maybe I did!

Christmas Chalkboard

I took the tracing home and colored the back of the paper with white chalk over the entire design.  I taped the paper to my chalkboard wall and traced it again with a pencil.  The white chalk on the back works like a transfer.

I missed the word “love” on my first attempt at tracing.  No big deal….I just put the paper back up and traced it.  It was easy to get lined up using the star on the top as a guide.  It looks okay like this, but I wanted it to bolder and I needed to clean it up a bit.

Then I just went over it with a chalkboard marker.  I was originally going to do mine in three colors like the example, but when I realized how expensive a set of chalk markers were I changed my mind and decided to just go with what I already had on hand.  I think I like the results even better.

Christmas ChalkboardI am really happy with how it turned out and while all that tracing over and over and over…. was a bit tedious, it was really easy.  I feel like the top and bottom of the chalkboard need something…..I’ll have to think on that a bit.

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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