I found these cute little clothes pin snowflakes on Pinterest and instantly knew I needed to make some.  I had no idea where I was going to put them, but I knew I would find a place.  Originally I had thought they would go on my living room Christmas tree, but instead they ended up outside on my topiary trees on either side of the garage door.  Anyway….back to the project.  Here is my Pinsperation…


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Total cute right??!!  They were super easy to put together.  Since I ended up putting mine outside I didn’t add the paper banner.  I just started by picking up some clothespins at the dollar store.  You need 8 clothespins for each snowflake so go cheap on these.  Then you just take them all apart.  I saw a few Pins for ways to use the metal springs, but they didn’t speak to me like the snowflakes did so the springs are all currently in a zippy bag hidden away for now.  Once you have them all taken apart you just flip them around and glue 2 pieces together along the flat side of each.

After you have all them put together in pairs you can start assembling the snowflakes.

Then you just fill in the gaps with four more pieces.

Now…this where I ran into some trouble with my plan.  I wanted to paint them white and maybe add some glitter.  Well things never seem to turn out quite as I have them planned.  I didn’t even think about priming them before I tried spray painting them and I think that was where I went wrong.  The paint didn’t want to adhere and what paint did stick didn’t want to dry.  I finally gave up on the idea of painting them, embraced their natural finish, added some ornament hooks and hung these babies up on my outside trees.  After seeing them on the tree with the ribbon I was glad the paint didn’t work out…..things always seem to work out how they are meant to even if that is what we have planned!

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂

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