Since we moved into this house over 17 years ago we have hung our Christmas stockings from the window ledge in the dining room.  When we built the banquette seating in the dining room this summer I knew I was going to have to find a new place for our stockings.  We don’t have fireplace and I was really at sort of a loss for what to do until I saw this little Pinsperation….


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Well….wheels started turning and I knew I needed to find some birch branches to make a ladder to hang my stockings.  My first stop was Hobby Lobby and they have birch branches but they are quite pricey….even if they were on sale.  I was not willing to spend more than about $30 for this project so the search continued.

Sometimes I think things are just meant to be and a couple of days later I was going to Kroger to do my grocery shopping and they had their Christmas trees outside along with a display of branches, twigs, and birch logs for decorating.  With my Kroger Plus Card each one was only $3.99 so I bought 5 of them just to be on the safe side.  Each one was about 4 feet long and in the end I only needed 3 of them for the ladder so it was only about $12.  I thought I might use the other 2 branches in a pot on the back porch, but so far I haven’t so one of them might become wood slice ornaments and a banner.


I knew I wanted a rustic look which was music to the Hubs ears because he knew that would mean that I wouldn’t be as picky about his work.  I simple told him to pick out 3 of the straightest branches, use 2 of them for the sides and then cut the other one into 3 pieces for the rungs of the ladder.  He then uses screws along the outside of the side pieces to connect the rungs and that was about it.


I had the Hubs add a couple of small nails to hang the stockings.  Here it is all finished…

 Birch LadderThe birch branches at Hobby Lobby were longer so if you needed to hang more stockings that might be an option.

Have a Great One All!

Patty 🙂

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