I put up a small tree in my bedroom every year.  This year I knew I wanted to make a few changes to it, but not start from scratch…that would be way too expensive.  In the past I had used an icy blue ribbon with cute ornaments shaped like high heeled shoe, and handbags.  I also use some silver accents and some fuzzy white ornaments.  I found a really cute spool of ribbon at Sam’s club that had a chalkboard sort of feel and I used that as my inspiration since it would work with much of what I already had.  Then I found some ornaments at Michael’s that looked like chalkboard tags with some red and green accents and then in the dollar section I found some blank gift tags that were wooded and looked like little chalkboards.  Just like that…..a project was born!

Each package had 2 tags in it and they were only $1.00 for each package…..Cha Ching!!  I already had a couple of white chalkboard markers from another project and I also had plenty of red ribbon ornament hangers so there was no expense there.  I decided to clip off the twine hangers they came with because the larger tags I had also found had red ribbon hangers so I wanted to coordinate them.

Having taught elementary school for about 10 years I have pretty decent print so I knew that would be a safe route for me to take for these.  It is difficult to mess up polka dots and snowflakes so I also did a few with those.  Again…this was a really simple project like the wood slice ornaments.  Here is how they turned out…..

I am really happy with how this tree came together this year and I spent less than $30 for all of the new additions.

Have a Great One All!

Patty  🙂



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